Castos podcasting platform review, castos-com advantages and disadvantages

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Castos project is well-known by many WordPress users as a developer of the popular Serious Simple Podcasting podcast plugin. But the plugin is only a part of what the platform offers to authors of audio content. The company provides customers with a premium toolkit that lets them easily download a podcast without bitrate changing, monetize their content by private subscription, embed automatic English transcription, autonomously duplicate their content on the Youtube platform and track detailed statistics. Also each user is provided with a conditionally unlimited storage.

Castos-com is a paid service that offers several pricing plans. The prices are more than democratic and start at $ 19 per month. You can pay by credit card or using Paypal. There is also a trial period for testing the functionality of the platform.


The functionality of the Castos platform largely depends on the service suite you are using. At a basic subscription level, you can easily create your own streams, edit, share and monetize them. The next level provides the option to re-publish to Youtube with static image and sound editing. At the same time, it is possible to automate this process as much as possible. The most advanced service suite is made for video podcasters and offers a rich set of tools in this direction.

Now in more detail about the individual functions of the system.


Castos provides users with all the statistics that may be needed for a detailed analysis of the channel and the content on it. Today, the following user data is displayed in the account:

  1. Geographic location;
  2. Device type;
  3. Application used;
  4. Operating system / Browser.

Also all Spotify analytics are available on Castos.

WordPress integration

The Serious Simple Podcasting plugin, developed for the WordPress content management system, directs the broadcast to the player integrated into your website. Your podcast can be played on any page on your blog. This innovation is optimized for those creators who want to control everything through the WordPress dashboard. There is no need to provide additional hosting. You can just use Castos-com.

As for the player, it is made in a minimalistic design. The creator can change the color scheme and configure additional modules that make it possible to embed the necessary data for users. Customizable subscription buttons have also been added recently.

Monetization and private podcasts

Castos enables creators to share their podcasts privately using a subscription mechanism. Castos generates a unique RSS feed for each listener who uses Premium subscription. In this case, the creator himself determines the price, and Castos-com charges a 20% commission.

Also the private podcasting can be used without the monetization feature and will be useful for those who are broadcasting to a closed audience. These can be company employees, a professional circle, or a hobby club. With the help of a private subscription, it will be easier for you to keep tracking information about the downloads.

English transcription

The built-in transcription function is a unique opportunity for you to expand your audience with English-speaking listeners. The platform integrates Rev.AI engine that provides high-quality transcription. There is an additional charge of $ 0.1 per minute for this feature. But considering the interest in transcripts and their potential in terms of search engine optimization of your content and website, the usefulness of this feature cannot be overestimated.

Unchanged file and bit rate

A file uploaded on Castos by a user does not change and is served to the listeners in its original quality. The platform does not change the metadata or compress the audio bitrate. This lets you deliver content to the audience in the quality that a creator wants.


The platform offers users 3 paid plans. The еукьі are presented below.


  • Price: $ 19 per month;
  • Price (per year): $ 190 per year;
  • Private subscriber limit: up to 100.


Price: $ 49 per month;

Price (per year): $ 490 per year;

Private subscriber limit: up to 250;

Video Republishing to YouTube;

Headliner Audiogram Integration.


  • Price: $ 99 per month;
  • Price (per year): $ 990 per year;
  • Private subscriber limit: up to 500;
  • Video Republishing to YouTube;
  • Headliner Audiogram Integration;
  • Advanced analytics;
  • Video hosting.

All service suites include:

  • Unlimited podcasts;
  • Unlimited episodes uploading;
  • Unlimited downloads;
  • Serious Simple Podcasting plugin for WordPress;
  • Unlimited podcast sharing;
  • Free one-click migration from previous hosting;
  • Personalized transcriptions of episodes;
  • Podcast web pages;
  • In-depth analytics of the listener;
  • Private podcasting.

All tariff plans have a 14-day trial period.


Castos provides users with a conditionally unlimited storage, where you can upload audio files of any extension and bitrate, being confident that the original will be preserved unchanged. The system offers tools for multi-layered sound design so that the users can fully realize their creative potential.

The platform also offers a useful option to monetize the feed through a private subscription with the creation of individual RSS feeds for each listener. At the same time, all download statistics are available in a user-friendly interface, so that the user can easily analyze the dynamics of the channel’s growth.

A separate plus of Castos is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to publish podcasts on the website. You just send an audio post to WordPress without having to log into your media host. No code processing is needed either.

As for the pricing policy, Castos-com is quite democratic. When compared with other services, Castos surpasses them at least in such an advantage as conditionally unlimited storage. In general, the product is quite competitive. And if you’re looking for a solid podcasting platform, it makes sense to start with Castos. Also keep in mind that at The Podcast Academy you can take some basic training and put it into practice as you develop your channel.

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