CasinoCoin (CSC) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


According to some reports, in 2017, a well-known team worked on the implementation of the startup (official site casinocoin-im).

Then, for an unknown reason, the work was continued by other developers who had created the fund and are currently engaged in the promotion and development of a project aimed exclusively at the online casino sector. The main goal of the non-profit organization is to provide marketing support, technical innovations, and to create conditions for the effective use of domestic currency in the real world.

CasinoCoin is a decentralized open-source platform focused on the gambling industry, which is based on the Ripple platform blockchain that provides high security, scalability, and the necessary speed. It is the online gambling industry that has become one of the first ones to use blockchain technology since centralized institutions have serious drawbacks, for example, they put dishonest games, which strongly repel gamblers.

The developers of the CasinoCoin project aim to create technologies for the most advanced coin in the world, ensuring the continuous involvement of participants, honesty, transparency, and reliability.

CSC is a digital coin that is intended for use within the network.

A special wallet with built-in tools that guarantee instant transactions was designed for storing CSC.

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