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Alexa Traffic Rank: 579,920 offers from 0.5% daily for 2 working days as minimal profit for investment to 3.0% daily for 60 working days as maximum profit.

Plans: 0.5% daily for 2 working days (deposit returned); 0.8% daily for 7 working days (deposit returned); 1.2% daily for 15 working days (deposit returned); 1.4% daily for 25 working days (deposit returned); 4.0% daily for 40 working days (deposit included); 3.0% daily for 60 working days (deposit included)

Minimum Deposit: $50

Referral Commission: 3% and up to 10% – 5% – 4% (depends on structure turnover)

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin

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  1. DreamlandLover says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the cooperation, and yes, thanks for the money =)
    10.21.21 09:06 Account Receive +22.13 Received Payment 22.13 USD from account U31111857 to account U33683XXX. Batch: 426798264. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Carfoxes INC, login JessicaBrown, request 13845, transaction 122938.

  2. GaryTheDouglas says:

    Hello, dear! the payment of my deposit is already in my wallet, thank you so much for the quick payment during the day
    Received Payment 6.36 USD from account U31111857 to account U3488****. Batch: 426798310.

  3. MasonMoneyMaker says:

    The withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency has been successfully completed, I am glad to cooperate!
    Payment order. Request – # 13693, rate 4.01209677, commission – -5 DOGE. Payment system – Doge, account number – 9xnNf6JQagG2anXj*******************. The status of the request is – Paid out .

  4. AngelinaFury says:

    Hello everyone, the first profit is already in my pocket, join us for joint earnings <3
    Received Payment 8.88 USD from account U31111857 to account [email protected]#$. Batch: 426390676. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Carfoxes INC, login AngelinaFury, request 13690, transaction 121910.

  5. EthanBrowley says:

    Everyone is in a good mood today, I also decided to join this project, and also earn on complete passive, for which I am very grateful to the administration of this project.

  6. MasonMoneyMaker says:

    Hello everyone, congratulate me now I am one of you, I also recently opened a tariff plan, thanks to the project administration for the good conditions.

  7. GaryTheDouglas says:

    Hi dear! the first payment on the new deposit is already in the wallet, thanks a lot for the quick payment within 24 hours
    payment was ordered: PerfectMoney USD, amounted to: 2.55 USD. Funds sent to the following billing information: U34882990.

  8. DreamlandLover says:

    Hello, and I have opened such a deposit here

    Deposit amount: 300 USD;
    The amount of each charge will be: 3.6;
    Profit for the whole period: 54 USD;
    Term of the deposit: 15 working days;

    I hope for a long cooperation with you <3

  9. GaryTheDouglas says:

    Hi All, after successfully working out a three-day tariff plan, I have successfully opened a 15-day tariff plan with a percentage of 18%, I am glad to cooperate with CarFoxes

  10. AngelinaFury says:

    guys, hello everyone, I forgot to brag that I also went in and opened a deposit of $ 145 with a percentage of 1.2 per day

  11. Floyd90 says:

    Hello everyone, I also joined the project for a 15-day tariff with a profit of 18%

    Congratulations on the successful opening of an investment deposit for the selected tariff plan: Quick return – 18% for the term !
    Deposit amount: 149.27 USD;

    then we plan to switch to a more profitable tariff plan.

  12. AngelinaFury says:

    Hello, please tell me, I’m new to this, does the frequency of payments depend on the tariff plan?

  13. GaryTheDouglas says:

    Good day to all, I took a closer look at this project and I decided to go to it with a deposit of 100, so far I will test the minimum tariff plans, I will start with 3 days, upon the return of the deposit I will open a 15-day
    Sent Payment: 105.8 USD to account U31111857 from U3488****. Batch: 423846192.