Captivate Podcast hosting review, captivate-fm advantages and disadvantages

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Captivate is a podcast hosting service that is easy to navigate and rich in functionality. Despite the dominance of platforms for managing audio content, stands out for its friendly interface, exclusive functionality and democratic pricing policy. Whether you’re a newbie in podcasting or already have an audience, you’ll quickly become familiar with Captivate’s functionality. For publishers who use other hosting the service offers a comfortable transfer of all podcasts to the servers.

The platform provides access to all tools on a paid basis. You can pay for your subscription using your credit card by entering your billing information during registration. A test period is also open for customers, during which they can evaluate the capabilities of the basic service package.


Captivate-fm is a powerful podcast management system that gives you tons of options for working with your own shows. Below we describe the main features of the software that make it stand out from the competition.

Detailed statistics

High-quality collecting and processing of statistical data is one of the key advantages of the Captivate platform. The system provides access to such important parameters as:

  1. Downloads for a period;
  2. Average number of downloads for a period;
  3. Daily trends;
  4. Podcast listening sources (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast);
  5. Listeners’ geolocation;
  6. Individual episode analytics.

According to experts’ tests Captivate provides fairly accurate statistics. At the same time, analytics functions on all devices, without exception.

Files and publications

Captivate differs from other platforms in that it does not change an original audio file. Your listener will download audio content identical to the one uploaded earlier. The system stores the file name, metadata, bit rate and other parameters. In this sense, Captivate is ideal for podcasters who create not just conversational broadcasts, but stylized audio films with a stereo effect, where it is imperative to maintain a high bit rate.

Captivate users also note the convenience of such a feature as a default post time. This is true for those publishers who release their shows at a certain fixed time. Now you do not need to manually set the time every time, as it will be set by default.

Complete custom website

Almost all podcast platforms provide their customers with the option to make their own website and host their shows. Unlike most of them, Captivate-fm provides a truly powerful, highly customizable website builder. At the same time, the website, built on Captivate, is adapted to any screen resolution, which makes the content presentable on all stationary and portable devices.

You can post all episodes of the series on the website and sort them the way you want. There is a corresponding function to quickly search for episodes. It is also possible to pin your favorite episode or channel trailer to the top of the page.

By default, a website is hosted on the subdomain. But if you have your own domain, you can easily move all content to it. Also, the platform developers have created a separate plugin for WordPress. So if you already have a website based on this CMS, it will not be difficult for you to integrate all your podcasts intoit. At the same time, the data is fully synchronized, and if you make changes to Captivate-fm, they will instantly appear on the website.

Functional player

Captivate has a user-friendly podcast player that lets you tune your broadcast speed and other settings. It has integrated share buttons, and the player itself has a responsive design that easily adapts to any device.

One thing about Captivate is that it includes a platform logo that can be configured as your referral link. This provides additional monetization. At the same time, any registered user can become a referral partner, getting a reward for each referred subscriber.

The player can be integrated into the website in the way the publisher wants. For example, it can be a standard player for the latest episodes or a separately assembled playlist.


Captivate currently offers 3 paid plans. The terms are presented below.


  • Price: $ 17 per month;
  • Downloads: 12,000 per month;
  • Unlimited number of podcasts;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Podcast on Apple, Spotify and other services;
  • Flash briefing;
  • Podcasting 2.0 support;
  • Transcription support;
  • Dedicated international support;
  • Access to Captivate Growth Labs;
  • Community access;
  • Growth Q&A masterminds;
  • Advanced analytics certified by IAB;
  • Unique listener data;
  • Geographic analytics;
  • Applications used for listening;
  • Episode performance comparison;
  • Analytics averages snapshot;
  • Analysis of trends;
  • Player consumption and replay data;
  • Customizable team roles;
  • Team members/collaborators;
  • Private podcasting: 1 podcast;
  • Private podcast subscribers: 150;
  • Embeddable website player;
  • Embeddable social player;
  • Embeddable playlist player;
  • Custom playlist collections;
  • Customizable player;
  • Fully customizable links;
  • Captivate Sync ™ plugin for WordPress;
  • Automatic podcast website;
  • Own domain name;
  • Calls to action in the web player;
  • Attributable link shorteners;
  • Tracked single promo link;
  • Email marketing integration;
  • One-click sponsor pitch creation;
  • Removing Captivate branding;
  • Captive Omni-Search;
  • Zapier automation;
  • Reusable show notes templates;
  • Setting the default publish time;
  • Descript integration;
  • Creation of your own podcast network;
  • Network podcast hashtags: 3;
  • Cross-promo feed drops and analytics;
  • Aggregated network analytics;
  • Site on a subdomain;
  • Own domain parking: free;
  • Members of the network team: unlimited;
  • Podcast taxonomy integration.


  • Price: $ 44 per month;
  • All options of the Personal suite;
  • Downloads: 60,000 per month;
  • Private podcasting: 2 podcasts;
  • Private podcast subscribers: 1000;
  • Online podcast hashtags: 6.


  • Price: $ 90 per month;
  • All Professional suite options;
  • Downloads: 150,000 per month;
  • Private podcasting: 3 podcasts;
  • Private podcast subscribers: 5,000
  • Network podcast hashtags: unlimited;
  • Host client podcasts;
  • Analytics API access.


Captivate is a convenient and functional service that is designed in such a way that both beginners and experienced creators are comfortable working with it. The system lets you create attractive websites and publish them to an internal subdomain or your own domain. The platform also supports two-way WordPress integration and many other integrations. There is a team management feature that will provide controlled access to channel administrators. As for monetization, Captivate-fm has a referral program that lets you earn money by attracting new users.

Overall, the platform is a successful implementation of a podcast audio content management system. You can go through the registration process right now, enter your credit card details and use the free trial period to appreciate all the advantages of Captivate.

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