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Campaign Monitor is a popular web solution for creating and automating e-marketing campaigns. This tool is a web-based application that makes it possible to create effective emails and manage mailing campaigns from a user-friendly interface. This software product lets you carry out mass mailing of promotional material, set up programmable autoresponders and analyze statistical parameters. The functionality of Campaign Monitor will satisfy both the novice and the experienced practitioner.

The company offers its services on a paid subscription basis. You can pay for subscription to a selected tariff plan using your credit card.


Campaign Monitor provides three pricing plans, which have their own set of options. In this case, the cost of monthly subscription is determined by the number of subscribers. Currently, the terms are as follows.


  • Price: from $ 9 per month;
  • Limit: from 2.500 to 250.000 emails;
  • Email support;
  • Basic e-marketing functions;
  • Insights analytics package;
  • Link review;
  • Free image gallery;
  • Marketing automation.


  • Price: from $ 29 per month;
  • Unlimited number of emails;
  • Priority email support;
  • All functions of the BASIC plan;
  • Unlimited marketing automation;
  • Unlimited inbox preview;
  • Time zone sending;
  • Unlimited spam testing;
  • Countdown timer.


  • Price: from $ 149 per month;
  • Unlimited number of emails;
  • Premier phone and email support;
  • All options of the UNLIMITED plan;
  • Pre-built engagement segments;
  • Send-time optimization;
  • Advanced link tracking;
  • Email builder section locking.

All three tariff plans provide unlimited opportunities for:

  1. Using a templates library and Drag & Drop builder;
  2. Forming mailing lists and segmenting audiences;
  3. Studying and analyzing statistics;
  4. Getting free email support.

The total cost depends on the customer database size. There are no free tariff plans, except for the demo version without mass mailing.

Templates and editor

High-quality pre-installed templates are definitely the strong point of this platform. Despite the fact that the number of templates is limited to a few dozen, which is clearly less than that of many competitors, each template looks great and can be deeply customized by the campaign administrator for specific needs. The great thing about Campaign Monitor templates is that they are professional and adaptable to any monitor size. They look equally good on mobile devices, laptops and widescreen displays. At the moment, users have not identified a single incorrect displaying of letters in popular mail clients.

Campaign Monitor has a built-in Drag & Drop editor you can edit ready-made templates or create your own with. Users note the friendly interface, which lets even an inexperienced user quickly and easily create great promotional emails. The function for importing HTML templates is also useful.

Data management

Campaign Monitor provides many options for working with your customers database. You can import contacts in XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, ZIP, RAR, 7Z  and business card formats. In addition, it is possible to manually add contacts by copying and pasting directly into the Campaign Monitor field. At the same time, the platform sets certain requirements for imported data. In particular, you cannot add rented or purchased databases. It is also not allowed to use the databases to send promotional materials related to pharmaceutical products or gambling. Exporting CSV data from Campaign Monitor is as easy as importing it.

We should also note the flexibility of the platform in data segmenting. For example, you can send messages to multiple customer lists at the same time, which is not available in many competing services. It is equally easy to exclude certain categories from the mailing list. So if your marketing activity involves flexible work with lists, Campaign Monitor will satisfy you in many ways.


Campaign Monitor offers conditionally unlimited possibilities for automation. An autoresponder is one of the most valuable options that lets you send letters when a certain trigger is on. The following triggers can be used to launch automatic mailing:

  1. Opening a specific letter;
  2. Following a specific link;
  3. Purchasing of a specific product;
  4. Visiting a specific webpage.

Setting up an autoresponder is easy and simple through a user-friendly interface. Users can create automation algorithms using a flowchart, where they specify the conditions for sending letters.

RSS feeds can also be a useful marketing automation tool. Using this channel will instantly inform customers about changes on your website.

Landing pages and forms

Campaign Monitor provides easy customization and integration of forms. Using this tool, you can create high-quality lightboxes and forms, and then integrate them into your website. Those clients who use CMS WordPress will appreciate the advanced features of the form builder by installing the official Campaign Monitor plugin. It opens the tools for creating more elegant registration forms.

The Campaign Monitor has a useful option for collecting contacts at public events. Those clients who are interested in the option of collecting subscribers at music concerts, exhibitions and all kinds of sales will not remain indifferent to the option of integrating with the iPad Enlist app.

As for landing pages, Campaign Monitor provides quite meager opportunities in this direction. In the basic version you can only create blank pages with a registration form. Nevertheless, a user with HTML programming skills will be able to independently create and integrate any page into an advertising campaign. You can also use third-party constructors for these purposes.


Campaign Monitor is a handy email automation tool. It has a clear interface and flexible settings. Dozens of beautiful templates with original fonts are available here. Campaign Monitor will also delight you with the option of segmenting your target audience without restrictions. Automation tools, in turn, will increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and make it possible to activate mailing scripts when the corresponding triggers are on. Enlist for iPad users will also be pleasantly surprised by the ability to create contact lists at social events and post-process them through Campaign Monitor.

The product is offered at a bargain price. You can test all the functionality right now in demo mode. All you need to do is go to

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