Bytom (BTM) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The Chinese project was founded in 2017 under the leadership of Chang Jia (official site bytom-io).

Bytom is a peer-to-peer platform, an interactive decentralized protocol designed to interact with byte assets.

It was created to make the byte environment popular and to make the platform the first marketplace for converting the external world into an electronic one, by tokenizing all the real resources, as well as trading stocks and securities on the blockchain. Conversion to electronic form will help to achieve security, openness, and privacy of financial transactions.

The platform has two types of byte assets: external byte assets (the internal currency of Bytom) and elementary byte assets (bonds, stocks, and other financial instruments). With the help of the blockchain platform, users can perform various operations, trade and manage all types, buy, sell, and convert digital assets.

Word documents and email were considered the first assets on the Internet. Then came digital platforms (Bitcoin and Ethereum). The advantages include factors, such as optimization, support for various cryptocurrencies, and the use of the PoW method.

BTM is an internal token of the system that can be used to pay a commission for the transfer of assets. It also serves to secure assets and pay dividends. BTM emission is limited.

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