Bytecoin (BCN) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


CryptoNight Algorithm
PoW mining method
Maximum offer 184,470,000,000 BCN

The project was developed by a programmer with a pseudonym amjuarez, who first implemented the Crypto Note encryption algorithm.

Bytecoin is an independent peer-to-peer digital currency released in the summer of 2012 (official site bytecoin-org). It provides network members with an additional level of anonymity and security by mixing the transfer addresses of senders and recipients. BCN has a high cryptographic security level. It protects personal data with the help of untraceable and completely anonymous money transactions.

The fact of the transaction cannot be hidden, but the parties remain unknown, as well as the amount of the transaction. The database cannot be analyzed. The network algorithm has several features such as a ring signature, proof of double spending, and one-time keys for each transaction.

The advantages include such features as absolute decentralization of management (it is not controlled by anyone, not owned by any state), high transaction speed without commission fees within the network (it takes no more than two minutes), the impossibility to falsify, and the possibility of mining on average equipment at home (even the most low-power equipment can bring a good income).

Thanks to the open-source code, Bytecoin develops and adds new features, adapts itself to new requirements due to which the system parameters are constantly changing. The coin is traded on many popular exchanges. Its issue is limited.

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