ByBit’s Biggest Contestant Acquires Over 4,000% Profit

ByBit’s Biggest Contestant Acquires Over 4,000% Profit

How did this really happen?

A participant in the contest has already acquired a profit of more than 4,000% before the end of three weeks. This is happening in Bybit’s World Series of Trading (WSOT).

It is clearly written on the Bybit’s contest board that SalsaTekila, the winner’s username, has acquired 4,495.95% profit. This calculation is based on the fact that the trader’s initial money was 0.19 BTC but has now grown to 8.76 BTC.

SalsaTekila happily announced on Tone Vays’ YouTube channel yesterday that he was able to get so much within a limited time because he didn’t leave his trades to stay long and he capitalized on scalping. He also confessed to have used higher risks at the start of the competition.

Two categories of the contest were launched on August 10. One category is called team/troop BTC while the other one is known as individual USDT. SalsaTekila is taking part in the troop BTC contest where members of a team aim to perform at their best so that when the average of the team is collected, their profit/loss ratio (P&L) will be the highest on the BTC/USD pair. Individuals’ accounts will still be checked even though the main aim of the troop contest is to evaluate team performance.

The team where SalsaTekila is trading with is called Jalapeno and it is also at the top spot, probably because of SalsaTekila’s performance. The team at the second position a while ago was W.T.C and this is where another impressive performance of 3,591.56% was recorded by someone who chose to be called junki84. Junki84’s initial balance was 0.30 BTC but now, it has risen to 11.206 BTC. SalsaTekila knew that junki84 was his closest rival even before the completion got to this stage.

In all, there 10,240 traders divided into 135 teams for a contest that will end on Aug 31.

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