BW com: review token BWB and exchange, advantages and disadvantages

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BW com project avid crypto-enthusiasts have heard of this website since the days when it was a large Chinese mining pool. However, with the change of ownership, a comprehensive restructuring of the platform was made, and the website began to be actively popularized as a crypto-currency exchange. To date, bw com exchange is included in the pool of the largest platforms in terms of trading volumes. On this platform, the daily trading figure is several hundred million dollars.
A well-known zb com exchange is a strategic partner of the platform. The bw com website supports trading a few dozen coins, including such popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, and LTC. Fans were overwhelmed when they heard about the release of the BWB token, which was created in early 2019. According to Whitepaper, the BWB token was designed to double the profits of miners and deposit holders in Bitcoin. The company also announced a full refund of commissions for token holders. Soon, the exchange plans to send part of the profits to the repurchase of BWB for subsequent freezing for a fixed period. According to the plans of developers, the holders of BWB will also receive exclusive benefits, including dividends from the profits of the bw com platform. However, at the moment, this token does not offer real discounts and privileges.

Main advantages and disadvantages of bw com trading platform

Like any other project, bw com also has its pros and cons.

Among the positive aspects of the exchange are:

  • Large daily transaction volumes and high asset liquidity;
  • The informative and ergonomic interface of the trading cabinet;
  • The presence of an application for mobile devices;
  • Anonymous trading due to no need to authenticate documents;
  • Extremely high withdrawal limits;
  • Support service which works 24/7.

It is only fair to say that several drawbacks of bw com were noted. We are talking about the absence of Russian interface, support for trading pairs concerning fiat currencies, and margin trading.

We should focus on the relatively small trading commission, which is 0.1% of the amount of the executed order. At the same time, large traders are charged 0% commission. Unfortunately, it is not easy to become a market maker who does not pay a commission, since this status is assigned by the project administration individually. Making a Deposit is not subject to interest, but as for the withdrawal of funds from the account, there is a commission fee, and it is individual for each specific coin. You can get acquainted with the current rates for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency in the «Fees» section.

The exchange functionality

Bw com offers broad functionality for its users.

In particular, the website contains such sections as:

  • Trade;
  • Mobile application;
  • Affiliate program;
  • Deposits in cryptocurrency;
  • A voting system through BWB token;
  • Token return mechanism;
  • Language setting (supported languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese );
  • Registration;
  • Login.

The website also provides an opportunity to learn more about the legal documentation regarding the operation of the exchange, as well as to apply for the placement of your token on the trading platform. Here you can download API keys of the platform, get acquainted with the commission fees, find out the latest news of the platform, as well as study the FAQ. For the convenience of interaction with users, here you can find links to the official accounts in Telegram, Weibo, and WeChat.

Registration and setup

After the user has registered on the bw com platform, such sections as «My assets» and «Personal account settings» will be activated. The registration procedure itself is quite simple – you need to enter your mobile phone number, create a password, and agree to the terms of registration. After confirming the email via the link sent in the email, you can start trading. But before that, it is recommended to set up an account to protect your trading capital from malicious attacks. To do this, you need to activate two-factor authentication. The exchange provides several options for connecting two-factor authentication, including via email, Google Authenticator or mobile phone. In a special menu, you can find the assessment of the security level, which can be both weak and moderate.


The bw com cryptocurrency platform is a convenient and functional exchange that is worth your attention. While the bw com interface was not translated into the Russian language, even a newcomer will easily understand the way this website works. Therefore, it is necessary to register on the exchange at least to appreciate its simplicity, which is harmoniously combined with wide opportunities. There are more advantages of the bw com than drawbacks, so you should at least pay attention to it.

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