Buzzsprout podcast service review, buzzsprout-com advantages and disadvantages

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Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that lets you stream on popular sites such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can create your own content library and use related features to evolve this creative direction. Despite the fact that this service is not a unique offer on the market and it has many competitors, experts assess it as one of the most functional and convenient. This thesis is confirmed by the fact that at the moment more than 70 million uploads have been made on the platform.

Buzzsprout provides one free and three paid service suites. You can pay with any credit card.


Ease of use is a key advantage of Buzzsprout-com. It all starts with the registration process, which is very simple here. It is enough to go to the official website, click the “Get started for free” button and fill out the form. After registering an account, you can create your first show. Just go to the Settings menu and fill in the podcast options such as title, description, cover and other data. Then click the save button.

It is recommended to connect your account to an RSS feed. Integration will take no more than a couple of hours. All that remains is to upload the first episode and enter a title and description. The episode type parameter lets you mark content as a complete episode, trailer or bonus episode. The settings also make it possible to specify when the episode will go live. Among other things, you can set a date that has already passed.

One of the great things about Buzzsprout is that you can transfer podcasts from third-party services. When signing up, the service will ask you if you have podcasts on other resources. It is enough to provide a link to this content for Buzzsprout-com to automatically transfer it to your channel. The migration process takes about 30 minutes.


Buzzsprout provides tons of options for your evolution as a podcaster. Below there are the main features that differentiate the platform from competing services.

Free website

Regardless of the tariff plan each Buzzsprout user has the opportunity to post content on his own separate site. You can distribute the link to your website so your audience knows where to find all of your episodes. A huge plus of a separate site is that interested people will come to you for relevant keywords from Google.

You can customize the appearance of your site, choosing a background image, adding links to social networks and customizing the color scheme. If you wish, you can close the site from indexing by search engines with one button click.

On the website visitors can play episodes through the built-in podcast player. Its functionality lets you quickly switch between episodes and configure basic parameters and share a link to a podcast while listening. You can also brand your player in the same way as your website.

Visual audiogram

Buzzsprout lets you create eye-catching visual soundbites with a couple of clicks. It is enough to select the episode you are interested in, set the duration and listen to the preview, after which you can choose the appearance of the audiogram, namely the size, background, color and text. The visual effects will show users the audio waves when the episodes are played. However, the podcaster can disable this feature so that only the image is shown to the user when listening.

Section markers

Because podcasts are usually long Buzzsprout-com has chapter markers for your convenience. This makes it possible to quickly jump to the desired segment of the audio. The platform also has a feature to add an image to each chapter. You can add chapter markers before the podcast goes live.

Dynamic content

This function lets you make inserts in different parts of the podcast, without violating the integrity of the entire podcast. We are talking about introductions and conclusions, sponsored videos and advertisements. You can embed ready-made templates anywhere before a new episode is published. It is also possible to apply dynamic content to episodes that have already been released.


If you have a transcript for your episode on Buzzsprout, you can easily attach it to your podcast. If there is no transcript, you can enter it manually. There is also an opportunity to use paid transcription services. In this case your podcast will be converted to text format without your direct involvement. Despite the fact that the service is paid, from the point of view of promotion efficiency it would be worth investing in it. At the same time, you do not need to use only the services of Buzzsprout partners. Choose the services that suit you best.

Having a transcription will help search engines assess the context of your show, after which your podcast will have a chance to appear in search results for keywords. This will expand your potential audience.


This feature is essential to your podcasting success. Buzzsprout-com lets you track how many people have listened to your podcast, how many of them have subscribed to your channel, how long they’ve been listening to, and a ton of other parameters. A useful option is to import statistics from third-party services when migrating to Buzzsprout.

Collecting podcast statistics opens up new opportunities for analytics. Particular attention should be paid to demographic parameters that will help you better understand the audience and adapt the content to it.


Buzzsprout offers the following pricing plans.


  • Limit: up to 2 hours monthly;
  • Storage limit: up to 90 days;
  • Advanced statistics;
  • Unlimited team;
  • Upgrade to “no ads” mode;
  • Magic Mastering: not available.

12 dollars per month

  • Limit: up to 3 hours monthly;
  • Storage limit: none;
  • All options of the previous service suite;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Additional time: 4 USD per hour;
  • Free import of podcasts;
  • Magic Mastering: 6 USD per month.

$ 18 per month

  • Limit: up to 6 hours monthly;
  • Storage limit: none;
  • All options of the previous service suite;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Additional time: 3 USD per hour;
  • Free import of podcasts;
  • Magic Mastering: 9 USD per month.

$ 24 per month

  • Limit: up to 12 hours monthly;
  • Storage limit: none;
  • All options of the previous service suite;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Additional space: 2 USD per hour;
  • Free import of podcasts;
  • Magic Mastering: 12 USD per month.

Paid transcription of the episode is available for USD 0.25 per minute.


Buzzsprout is a powerful podcast service that combines ease of use, rich tooling and content monetization. The platform gives you your own website that you can use as a landing page to attract additional search engine audiences. Unfortunately, Buzzsprout-com somewhat limits the user in terms of airtime, but it offers some of the most affordable prices. You can sign up for Buzzsprout right now and test the free plan.

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