Brave Meets Challenges with Its Referral Program

Sometime ago, Brave announced its BAT referral program but has now stopped it in five countries owing to a high number of suspected fraudulent activities with it.

Brave, the browser that uses blockchain technology has placed limitations on its referral program. Now residents of China, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine and Indonesia can no longer participate because the organizers believe the rules were being disobeyed in these five countries. This ban has been effective since June 11.

Brave is rewarding content makers with some Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), an Ethereum-based token, if they succeed in getting someone new to download the browser. A unique referral code is given to the content makers.

Brave launched this referral program so as to make more people know about its existence. The plan was to give out BAT tokens worth 1 million dollars but according to the organizers of the referral program, the campaign has already recorded multiples of this amount.

However, the program has also recorded tremendous success. Brave said:

“The ability for Brave supporters to share the browser directly has led to unprecedented success, helping grow the Brave user-base to more than 15 million monthly active users worldwide.”

The Brave campaign, which was launched some months ago, attracted both honest and dishonest individuals. But the Brave browser was able to detect the dishonest ones so no tokens were paid to them. The cases of fraudulent operations were so much and existed in few regions.

Nevertheless, Brave’s decision is not final. It hopes to include them again in the near future. To prevent such from reoccurring, Brave will demand an ID from content makers who want to participate in the referral program.

Brave’s mistake

Some days ago, Brave was in serious trouble over issues with Binance. Some people who had tried to visit the Binance website through the Brave browser saw that an affiliate link appeared automatically.

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave, pleaded it was a mistake and promised to correct it.

Joe Rogan and BTS praise Brave

Apart from the referral campaign, Brave’s popularity recently increased owing to the approval it got from Joe Rogan, a podcast host, and the Bangtan Boys K-pop band which is now known over the world.

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