Blox (CDT) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was launched in Israel, 2017 (official site bloxstaking-com). At the start, it operated under the CoinDash name.

Blox is a next-generation blockchain platform that allows investors and traders to track their portfolio and manage assets by automatically syncing wallet and exchange data into a single account.
The developers note that investing in cryptocurrency is quite a complicated procedure, especially for beginners.

The main goal of developers is to remove barriers that delay crypto-investments by simplifying the process of turnover and trade in currencies.

Blox offers the necessary tools and services that enable the platform to provide accurate analytics to help participants verify the effectiveness of their investments while avoiding risks.

Everyone has the right to follow other players and make the right decision, using experience for asset trading.

To maintain effective performance, the project includes three elements:

  1. software;
  2. trading platform;
  3. social network.

The platform is based on the digital CDT token of the ERC20 standard, which is intended for accessing the service and paying all fees. Aside from that, experienced investors have the opportunity to monetize their experience by sharing their portfolio with other participants. Traditional CDT mining via video cards and processors is not possible here.

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