Bloq Labs has come with a new innovation called Titan to make blockchain mining easier.

It is designed to be used as a web tool in the hands of mining managers and for big projects.

It is more like a universal tool as interested persons can set it up on their machines. Once this is done, the miners on the network can be monitored. You will be able to see what they are doing, manage their operations and include features to improve working conditions such as security. You can also use it to know when a machine on the network needs an upgrade or maintenance.

You can find this tool in public beta at Ryan Condron, the co founder and CEO has this to say about it:

“We’re building an automation layer for farm management. Each install is actively monitoring your network on-boarding devices, securing the devices, optimizing the devices, and then routing the hash power to the most popular point at any moment. ”

“We get granular control over each device so we can really try to overclock based on chip temperatures. We do share auditing so every single share that rolls through the Titan software can see what was accepted by the pool.”

With Titan, everybody’s work can be monitored and installing it is easy, thanks to the team that developed it. Titan works with some well known mining rigs including the AntMiner S9 and S11.

“The concept for this was to make mining as easy as possible and as stable as possible,” he said. “Our long term vision is called the Titan Marketplace, where you could take a portion of your hash power and if you want, you can put up on the market for others to use.”

The tool was said to be ready at Consensus 2019.

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