Blocknet (BLOCK) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was founded in 2014 (official site blocknet-org). The developers’ team consists of two people: Dan Metcalf and Arlene Culwick.

Blocknet is an open-source platform. It is based on the first XBridge peer-to-peer protocol for mutual communication of nodes of various blockchains. The project aims to solve the problem of interaction between different blockchains by creating an ecosystem that will favorably affect the development of the blockchain industry.

The technology allows you to connect decentralized and centralized services.

All developers can create their applications and use the functionality of different systems. Blocknet is considered a decentralized exchange that allows you to exchange fiat or any digital money represented in the system.

The advantages of the exchange include anonymity and the fact that no personal data is required; security, which guarantees the safety of funds; full control of savings. It also offers a variety of trading pairs for exchange. Developers continue to improve and expand the functionality of the network.

BLOCK is a digital coin for payments within the network. Payment is made automatically, with a fixed fee. The platform supports the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, so mining is carried out on this principle. Owners can keep any number of BLOCKS on their wallet, and they will still be getting profits.

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