Blockchain to Play Crucial Role in VR-Powered Social Media

Two important entities have now joined the Global Blockchain Business Council. They are BlockChain and Sensorium, a social media platform that uses virtual reality.

Sensorium announced that it is now part of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC). GBBC is based in Swiss. Its main aim of existence is to foster the growth of blockchain and not for profit-making.

The first meeting of the GBBC after Sensorium became a part of it will take place on May 28. Sensorium will be a part of it and there, the company’s director of technology, Alex Blagirev, will make his forecast on how virtual social media may affect online meetings.

More copyright protection from DLT

Someone from GBBC hinted that the combination of VR and social media has already started growing strong. Facebook has joined the chorus by introducing some other ways by which account owners can distribute content.

The representative was optimistic that blockchain technology can help in the creation of virtual assets and economy. This is what he said:

“Furthermore, blockchain technology could be used to protect ownership and copyright, as well as create new models of advertising in virtual worlds, much as it is already doing in the real world.”

Blockchain may bring an end to identity theft online

The CCO of Sensorium, Brian Kean, noted that the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will help to combat security issues. He said:

“Identity theft, fake accounts, etc. all will be to a large extent eliminated as human participants in the socially-virtual world will be required to verify their identity via the blockchain.”

Acording to him, third party payments will also be made secure when blockchain is involved.

Sensorium’s membership in GGBC will make policymakers to come together

Sesorium will not be left out in any of GBBC’s activities with the aim of making blockchain technology more popular and specifying roles that policymakers and business owners can play to achieve it.

Sensorium and GBBC have already started partnering since the Blockchain Central Davos took place.

The GBBC representative hinted that Sensorium has now started to partner with them when he said:

 “We closed out the evening with a special demo of Sensorium’s VR platform and a performance by GBBC Arts and Music Ambassador and Former Drummer for Guns N’ Roses, Matt Sorum.”

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