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BitcoLoan offers from 0.9% daily for 90 days as minimal profit for investment to 1.1% daily for 180 days as maximum profit.

Plans: up to 0.9% daily for 90 days (principal back); 1.1% daily for 180 days (principal back)

Minimum Deposit: 10

Referral Commission: 8%-4%-2%

Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Monero, Tether, Zcash

BitcoLoan Full Review

BitcoLoan is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform that helps those who need money to find people willing to bail them out. It wouldn’t be so easy without quick search feature though; with its help lenders and borrowers can find a relevant offer in just a couple of minutes

BitcoLoan is not a bank or any financial institution. Most importantly, that company helps people find what they’re looking for. If a person is desperate for money, BitcoLoan finds them a lender. Besides, BitcoLoan offers a bunch of investment options for those who seek to make their assets work for them. February 26, 2021

What is the BitcoLoan Technology?

Crypto lending and investments are now smarter. BitcoLoan original technology helps users find the best investment and loan while automating the repayment and lots of other processes.

Why is BitcoLoan so successful on the market?

First of all, because of the Huge affiliate network worldwide.

Millions of financial profiles

BitcoLoan works with various lending and financial organizations that help their algorithms improve by sharing their database.

High speed

12 times faster than the competitors

BitcoLoan designed their algorithms to process large amounts of complex data, unmatchable in the market.

Request processing speed. 50000 requests processed per minute.

Matching speed. Search for a lender takes up to 3 seconds.

Instant loans. No checks and delays, loans are available for withdrawal instantly. Individual and business loans, new lenders and borrowers

For any questions that arise, a registered user can contact the support service:
• By Email;
• Using online chat;
• By phone.

• High profits;
• Safe investment;
• High-quality support service;
• Fair affiliate program;
• Patented technology;
• 100% anonymity;
• Lack of KYC procedure;
• Friendly Android app.

How to use Personal BitcoLoan Cabinet

Please watch the video about Basic Structure of the Personal Dashboard and find out all the important details.

Personal Wallet

Please watch the video about Personal Wallet and find out all the details.


Please watch the video about the Loan section and find out all the details.

Deposit (Individual and Business)

Please watch the video about the Deposit (Individual and Business) and find out all the details.

Fees and Limits:

No additional commission fees.
Minimum amount for balance top-up – ETH – 0.03, Monero – 0.10, USDT – 100.00, Dogecoin – 1000.00, Dash – 0.10, Bitcoin cash – 0.05, Litcoin – 0.10, BTC – 0.0005
Minimum withdrawal – 0.0005 BTC, 0.0100 LTC, 0.0300 BCH, 0.0100 DASH, 0.0010 ETH, 100.00 DOGE, 0.0100 XMR, 15.000 USDT
Cryptocurrencies accepted: BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, DOGE, XMR, USDT

Supported countries: Almost every country in the world except the countries subject to sanctions from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the United Nations, the European Union or any EU MemberState, the UK Treasury, etc. Country in which any activity that coincides with the activity conducted and available on BitcoLoan is prohibited.

Affiliate program

At the moment, there is a 3-level affiliate program on the The interest is accrued according to the next scheme: 8%-4%-2%. Each registered user automatically becomes a member of the affiliate program. By distributing a unique link, the partner gets the opportunity to get a stable passive income. Experts do not recommend giving up this chance.

Investment system

A transparent rating system is implemented on the platform. Your rating determines your daily return on investment. Immediately after registration you are assigned a standard rating of 0.1. This rating can be increased by performing certain actions. At the moment the following terms are provided for investors:
• Rating 0.10 – income 0.7%;
• Rating 1.50 – yield 0.85%;
• Rating 3.00 – Yield 1.0%.

To increase your rating, you can:
• Share a link to a P2B loan +0.1
• Test P2P lending +0.2
• Send an invitation to the platform +0.1
• Share BitcoLoan +0.1
• Make a review about BitcoLoan in socials +0.1
• Share news from BitcoLoan blog in socials – +0.1

How to participate in the program?

To participate in the BitcoLoan program you need to go through the registration procedure, and then act depending on your goals. If you plan to receive a loan, then you need to fulfill all the terms for the borrower, and then the system will automatically select the best offer for you. If you want to make money, then you need to make a deposit in a convenient currency and activate the selection of the optimal borrower.
In any case, you can be sure that moderators will ensure the maximum security of any transaction. There are no risks of no return – profits are always stable and guaranteed.

What is the Deposit guarantee?

On BitcoLoan, lenders’ investments are always backed up by collateral frozen in the borrower’s account. If the borrower fails to fulfill their financial obligations, BitcoLoan compensates the investor with the amount invested in the loan.

Borrowers’ funds are protected by the general company’s security measures and are not exposed to any risks in case of timely and complete fulfillment of all financial obligations to the lender and company.

What is Collateral?

Collateral is an amount in your account that becomes frozen in order to get a crypto loan. It will become available for withdrawal as soon as you’ve fulfilled all your financial obligations to the lender.

How does BitcoLoan protect it’s client’s data?

All the BitcoLoan clients’ data are stored in the encrypted form and are not transferred to third parties. Your private data is not available even to the company’s employees and is used in the background by the BitcoLoan services

Even if your data falls into the hands of third parties, it is depersonalised and encrypted, which makes the further use almost impossible.

Final Summary

BitcoLoan companies main goal is to provide people with an opportunity to take part in the lending system on better terms. No bureaucratic barriers and only minimum investment will serve as a great foundation for your own investment portfolio.

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