Bitcoin Scammers Hack Jon Prosser’s YouTube Channel and Gives it Another Name

YouTube disconnected Jon Prosser’s channel and all its 262,000 subscribers because it was hacked and used to advertise an illegal BTC promotion.

Scammers have used YouTube once again to make viewers send Bitcoins on the ground that they will get more in return.

Jon Prosser had to tweet on August 5 that his channel, which has 262,000 subscribers was hacked by scammers and changed the name to NASA. After taking over the account, they managed to present Elon Musk of SpaceX in a fake video as he featured in a BTC giveaway show on livestream.

He said:

“Hackers have made $4,000 in Bitcoin so far… YouTube tells me I need to fill out a form and wait ‘a few weeks.’”

The hackers deleted his videos which have been on the channel for several years. YouTube responded two hours after Prosser first noticed what was happening. His channel has remained disconnected since then.

The scammers passed the 2FA test

Crypto scammers have hacked several YouTube channels in recent months and used popular persons such as Elon Musk, Brad Garlinghouse (CEO of Ripple), and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) to scam subscribers. YouTube has been dragged to court on separate occasions by Garlinghouse and Wozniak.

Prosser’s case appears to be very serious because he claims the hackers were able to penetrate the 2FA verification with a SIM swap attack.

Prosser’s misfortune happened the day after Scott Melker, fondly known as ‘The Wolf of All Streets’ expressed his mind on the dangers of using SMS notifications for 2FA. He rather prefers the use of an offline app for a 2FA.

A planned deal?

Prosser is not the only victim of YouTube channel hack for the week.

On August 2, Sony’s Rod Breslau said he noticed that the same video shown from Prosser’s channel was carried on other YouTube channels.

Another victim of YouTube channel hack is Tayla Rocha who talks about how to improve the quality of one’s hair. She has different YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers on each and few hours ago, one of them with 295,000 subscribers was hacked to promote a scam for ETH giveaway.

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