Bitcoin Gold (BTG) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


Equihash algorithm
Maximum offer 21,000,000 BTG
PoS mining method

The Bitcoin blockchain was divided in the fall of 2017 (official site bitcoingold-org). A new project was created under the leadership of Jack Liao (head of a Hong Kong mining company).

Golden Bitcoin is an open-source fork of Bitcoin.

The goal of Bitcoin gold is considered to make the Bitcoin unblocking decentralized again, simplify mining, and create a competition for BTC.

The developers changed the algorithm for working with SHA-256 to Equihash (originally used in Zcash), which is a fairly complex hashing function that requires a lot of RAM to run. Mining digital currency can only be done on the GPU (using conventional video cards). One cannot mine on special ASIC devices. It has a different intellectual infrastructure, which consists of general-purpose computer equipment.

The main similarity of the two platforms is based on the same limit and the time of formation of one block, which is 10 minutes. The advantages include improvement of the code to ensure performance, increasing security, a high scaling level, and low commission. Besides, the system is protected from repeated transactions.

There will be no problems with buying BTG as it is traded on many popular exchanges. The issue is limited.

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