Bison Trails Hires a New General Counsel Who Worked at Goldman Sachs

Bison Trails now has a new general counsel who will represent the company when it is called upon by regulatory bodies, both local and international.

Bison Trails made the announcement of the appointment of a new general counsel on August 4. Her major role is to oversee the development of policies bordered on blockchain infrastructure.

The new counsel, Elizabeth Ralston, looks capable of handling her current job because she once worked at BlockTower Capital as a lawyer and also served as the vice president of the team of lawyers at Goldman Sachs.

Blockchain companies now compliant to regulatory rules

As the blockchain industry keeps growing, it has seen the importance of working with regulatory bodies so that it can also gain massive adoption. Bison Trails just employed Ralston because they believe she can work well with the regulatory bodies for the benefit of the company. Concerning her appointment, the CEO, Joe Lallouz said:

“An in-house general counsel will add a trusted, strategic partner to the leadership team who will help drive strategy and operations as they intersect with risk, legal, policy, and compliance,” said the CEO, Joe Lallouz. “Elizabeth is the perfect fit to get that job done,” he added.

Ralston accepted her new job with excitement and is poised to work not just for the benefit of Bison Trails but for the acceptance of blockchain technology worldwide. She said:

“Given that thoughtful regulation is integral to mass adoption, I look forward to setting a regulatory precedent that paves the way for this budding ecosystem. I am determined to fiercely advocate for this transformative industry.”

Contributing to blockchain development by supporting new protocols

Bison Trails is one of those that started the Libra Association. It is also a member of Celo Alliance.

Bison Trails has also been encouraging the development of some blockchain protocols such as NEAR and the ETH 2.0, which will see that Ethereum upgrades to the proof-of-stake.

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