BinanceUK Prepares for UK Launch by Advertising Bitcoin at bus stops

Binance was found in London making a public awareness with the caption, ‘Money is evolving.’ It was meant to educate the public about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large.

Binace, which is known as the biggest crypto exchange in the world, has sent a message to London commuters that Bitcoin is real.

Binance.UK tweeted on Aug 28 that it placed adverts at 17 London bus stops. The advert featured the generations of coins which included the two-pound coin that U.K uses and finally, the Bitcoin.

Binance mentioned that U.K. residents and indeed the whole world should adapt to the change money is making.

Binance, in June, mentioned that it would be advancing into the U.K. market and that it will introduce an exchange platform in autumn. Binance said its U.K. branch will be approved by the FCA before it starts supporting 65 digital assets for crypto traders’ delight.

As Binance U.K. prepares for the launch, it is doing more than advertising. It has also indicated to be a part of CryptoUK as an executive.

Many crypto firms think London is a good place to find new crypto investors. Apart from Binance, Richard Heart has also advertised his HEX token on London buses, newspapers, and in stadiums. Before Binance’s advert for Bitcoin, Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital advertised Bitcoin on a full page of the Financial Times newspaper.

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