Has Been Disconnected for Quite Some Time Now

Unexpectedly, trading platform cannot be accessed by its users. This has been the case for some hours now. is an extension of the Binance platform for those in the U.S. The problem with the platform started at about 15:26 UTC time today (August 7). As a result, the company deemed it wise to discontinue exchanges until further notice.

One of U.S. Binance’s workers said in an interview with Cointelegraph: “Please rest assured that all customer funds are safe, and we will provide a further update soon.”

Concerning the matter, the U.S. branch of Binance posted on its tweeter account: “At 11:26am EST, we noticed our systems not functioning as intended.”

Another tweet said:

“To protect our users, we will be stopping trading, order processing, buy crypto, deposits, and withdrawals. We will let users cancel their orders 30min before we reopen trading. We expect this will take 6 hours.”

Fortunately, said no fund has been lost so users should not panic. It said the Secure Asset Fund of the company has swung into action to make sure funds are safe.

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