Benchmark Email Marketing review, benchmarkemail-com advantages and disadvantages

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Benchmark is positioned as an email marketing automation platform. Its functionality includes a user-friendly Email builder, automation tools, a lead generation system, a landing page builder, detailed reports constructor and third-party integrations. Using Benchmark you can quickly create professional letters using drag & drop without designers outsourced. An intuitive interface and rich toolkit make it possible to implement marketing campaigns of any scale and format, replenishing the list of subscribers and converting them into real customers.

Benchmarkemail-com offers one free and two paid tariff plans, which are flexible and affordable. You can pay for the service suites by credit card.


Benchmark is a convenient multifunctional service that has a number of useful features. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Email editor

Benchmark offers a step-by-step email creation algorithm. The user chooses the format of the builder (Drag & Drop or a text editor), and then proceeds to fill the letter with the necessary content. The next step is to make some settings before sending Emails. For inexperienced marketers, this provides an opportunity to understand the entire mailing mechanism from start to finish.

The user can select contacts of a particular mailing list individually or as a whole list. You can also adjust an Email list to exclude certain unwanted contacts from the mailing list.

When it comes to the look of the letters, Benchmarkemail-com offers a variety of themed templates. The user can easily select a suitable design using a library where the letter design options are divided into categories. At the same time, you can customize the appearance of each template by dragging and dropping blocks, adding images, embedding videos and activating function buttons. The customization possibilities are practically unlimited.

The built-in Email editor also provides such tools as:

  1. Sending a test letter;
  2. Spam check;
  3. Display checking in various clients;
  4. Automatically add a pop-up Email message to Twitter and to a newsletter section on a user’s website.

Even A / B testing of templates is available to the user for finding an optimal solution.

Contact management

Benchmark Email provides many options for managing contacts. You can add clients manually or by mass uploading. You can create friendly subscriber registration forms, organically expanding the target audience through the website. There is also a function for the list clearing by next parameters:

  • Bounced letters;
  • Unsubscribe;
  • Unopened letters.

Benchmark makes segmenting lists much easier. You can segment users by various criteria, such as demographic data, dates (adding to the list, birthday, etc.), and other parameters.


With Benchmark, you can use template automatic responses or create your own. The autoresponder setup is also a step-by-step process that includes such steps as choosing a contact list, setting triggers and delay. You can create both simple and complex algorithms. There are more than enough options for effective scenarios for automatic communication with users.


The system provides detailed reporting to make your marketing campaign more productive. Benchmark analytical tools can track such parameters as:

  • Openings;
  • Clicks;
  • Bounced letter;
  • Unsubscribing;
  • Email forwarding;
  • Social sharing;

Also reports on the conducted split tests to identify the most successful marketing solutions are available. Overall, Benchmark provides a rich analytical toolkit to perfect your marketing campaign.


Benchmark offers three flexible pricing plans based on feature set and subscriber limit. The terms are presented below.


  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • Limit: up to 250 messages per month;
  • Basic Email Marketing;
  • Light marketing automation;
  • Simple lead generation;
  • Basic reporting;
  • Letters builder;
  • RSS feeds;
  • List management;
  • Basic segmentation;
  • Responsive templates;
  • Registration forms;
  • Basic drop campaigns;
  • Mail delivery management;
  • Polls;
  • Real-time communication reports;
  • Opening reports;
  • Heatmap;
  • Device reports;
  • Google Analytics tracking.


  • Price: from $ 13 to $ 424 per month;
  • Number of contacts: from 500 to 100,000;
  • White label;
  • Behavior-based emails;
  • Advanced segmentation;
  • Website tracking;
  • Pre-built customer journeys.


  • Price: from $ 611 per month;
  • Number of contacts: from 125,000;
  • Dedicated IP;
  • Incoming check (free up to 200 tests);
  • Free lists verification (up to 200,000 contacts).

Moreover, all service suites include:

  • Free 10 GB storage for pictures;
  • Unlimited video storage;
  • 1500+ integrations.


One of the key Benchmark advantages, which many customers have noted, is that it can significantly increase sales. Even if you are just taking your first steps in digital marketing, will quickly make you become familiar with the tools and capabilities of the platform. The developers made a special emphasis on social networks basic marketing tools can be integrated with. Moreover, all this can be done as quickly as possible and without any specific knowledge. You can build your own brand, grow your followers, increase an average customers check and more.

Also email-marketers will find convenient an integrated Drag & Drop email constructor. You can create any design and any content. In general, Benchmark will delight you with flexibility, deep customization and a loyal pricing policy.

Right now you can sign up for the website and use the free pricing plan. Benchmarkemail-com is a balanced tool that will benefit both the experienced marketer and the newbie.

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