Beach Going Will Be Made Easier in South Korea with Crypto Payments

Beachgoers in South Korea will always have fun even if all they have to spend is Bitcoins. This is because soon, two beaches in the country will start accepting cryptocurrencies. The Haeundae Beach System in Busan is one of the pilot projects to evaluate the workability.

The pilot project is organized by CIC Enterprise, a company that has close ties with Bitbeat. Its aim is to make two of the most frequently visited beaches in South Korea accept crypto from visitors who want to pay with it.

ZDNet Korea made it known that CIC Enterprise and Innotech, an establishment that makes card and cash payments work, are making efforts to see that tokens can be used at the Haeundae Beach, which is one of the busiest beaches in the city of Busan.

The test will enable people enjoy water-related activities such as swimming by providing crypto rentals for life jackets, parasol and others. Cryptos that will be used in the pilot project include BTC, ETH, and two ERC20 tokens namely MCI and WAY.

More convenience for tourists

According to Bitbeat, tourists will find this more convenient because it will take them a maximum of 10 seconds to process payments with the QR codes from their smart phones. There will be no need to download different apps so as to increase speed of transaction and convenience.

Bitbeat further said:

“We hope that the virtual currency used in the Haeundae-gu beach system will be more widely used in real life. We will try to provide a cryptocurrency payment environment.”

Busan authorities are aware that it will be more convenient for people to rent properties at the Haeundae beaches during summer instead of asking them to come with theirs. The possibility of using crypto to pay for services at the Songjeong beach is also being tested.

Busan is also the city where a private-public company based in South Korea made its intention known about revolutionizing its medical tourism platform with blockchain technology. It is not yet stated when this will happen but Gyeongnam Ilbo reported that Busan Bank will be leading the course.

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