BABB (BAX) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in 2018. Official site getbabb-com.

BABB is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides users with all the necessary financial services. The project is a licensed financial company now when the team has met all the requirements of the UK regulator.

BABB aims to combine the advantages of blockchain technology with classic banking services. For the convenience of customers, the project supports the use of both fiat and traditional money.

By registering an account in the system, users can make instant payments and transfers around the world with zero commission charges and perform currency exchange without centralized intermediaries.

The entire operation process is controlled by smart Ethereum contracts, which ensures transparency and security.

Money management and various transactions are carried out through mobile applications. However, the team offers its customers a reliable Black Card payment card, which can be used to perform the same operations as with Master Card and VISA cards.

BAX is an internal ERC20 token that guarantees compatibility with many blockchain projects and is used to pay for services provided. The total volume of BAX emissions is limited.

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