B2BX (B2B) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in 2017. The B2Broker Company is working on its creation and development.

B2BX is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that provides cryptocurrency liquidity for exchanges, hedge funds, and other institutional customers.

Right now, the market has a lot of issues that require time and technical resources. According to the developers, the main drawback of the project is the lack of liquidity, legality, and any guarantees.

The team’s purpose is to create the official B2B cryptocurrency exchange. The developers also strive to create a transparent industry, providing customers with the ability to effectively trade and exchange currency. For the development of the aggregator, the project will be integrated with major marketplaces via gateways and open APIs.

All participants are controlled by the exchange and financial regulators. The B2B exchange provides broker ratings and acts as a reliable guarantor for users who choose B2B.

The B2BX platform has an intuitive interface that is accessible both to advanced users and beginners.

A key role in the system is played by the digital B2B token of the ERC20 standard, which is designed to pay all commissions within the platform and grant full access to the functionality and tools of the ecosystem.

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