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About is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 8% profit after 2 days as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.

Investment Plans: 8% profit after 2 days, 10% profit after 1 day, 12% profit after 3 days, 15% profit after 12 hours

Minimum Deposit: $30

Referral Commission: $3

Payouts: Manual

This is what it says on website: is a legitimately enrolled private constrained organization, which was established in 2018 in London (UK). what’s more, it transformed into an open organization to give everybody access to the monetary items offered by Venture administration limit made by experts working with the Company was the principal purpose behind the change.

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10 thoughts on “”

  1. mikelski avatar mikelski says:

    they scam me.. Im so stupid to trust them!!! shame on you!!! Legit! there scammer. I just lost a $1000 even though I have proof the I invest in there company I should never Invested in this scammer

  2. mikelski avatar mikelski says:


  3. mikelski avatar mikelski says:

    I try to invest in you because you said that your paying and yes I did.. but I got this message

    Hi Mikelski, Your account is been placed on hold and your deposit inactive because you have no history of a referral network.
    Hence, Before your account can be activated, you have to refer at least three (3) persons who would invest funds not less than $100 each.
    Kindly share your referral link with friends so they can register under your account. Your referral link can be found in your account profile on your dashboard.
    The reasons for this is to keep the investment circle flowing accordingly as referrals are the core engine rotating the platform.

    so I gathered 3 referrals and now your saying that you did not suspend my account which same btc address that I
    just send, and this is there reply.

    We never suspended your account, your reinvestment from balance reached its limit and the system automatically restricted you from reinvesting which is a normal activity here.

    can you explain??

  4. mikelski avatar mikelski says:

    Its hard to communicate in customer support there not responsive at all.

  5. XarfoX avatar XarfoX says:

    is this still paying?

    1. SamsonNerd avatar SamsonNerd says:

      Yes, is still paying..

    2. XarfoX avatar XarfoX says:

      theres no way to use my paypal for this?

  6. SamsonNerd avatar SamsonNerd says:

    Hello Users,
    The Comment Below “Rhed” is a Scam

    We paid Him. and because we didn’t update the status, He complained about payment not made. and we Repaid Him the second time. and Mark it Completed.
    But He Came to write Bad Reviews

    Transaction Details :

    His Wallet : 1want81TjzjJw7NCkbCzWvkQJRDFGMTxg

  7. rhedghost2000 avatar Rhed says:

    Beware to invest I invested here, waiting for widrawal for almost 72hrs. But nothing happened. Then i verify my wallet and also contacted support of my wallet, after verifying my wallet, i login again to my axeluz account, it stated there that may payout is paid..WHAT THE HECK! I tried to contact their support by email do not send. Its a fake.

    1. SamsonNerd avatar SamsonNerd says:

      Hello User, We paid you. and because we didn’t update the status, You complained about payment not made. and we repay you the second time. and Mark it Completed. But You still Came to write Bad Reviews You are a Thief.