Automizy Email Marketing Software review, automizy-com advantages and disadvantages

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Automizy is a cloud service designed for creating and administering email marketing campaigns. The platform makes it possible to compose effective mailing lists to promote any goods and services, establish communication with the target audience and send commercial offers. The system has a built-in e-mail constructor with custom forms and templates which you can add using Drag & Drop technology. This makes it as convenient as possible for novice users.

Automizy-com will delight you with a flexible pricing policy. The subscription price depends on the subscribers quantity. At the same time, all clients have access to a 60-day test period, during which they can use all the technical capabilities of the platform free of charge. You can pay for the tariff plan using your credit card.


Automizy offers rich opportunities for establishing competent and effective business communication with clients through email newsletters. Below there are the key options available to the platform users.

Advertising mailing

This category of tools includes:

  • Built-in Drag & Drop email editor. The tool is easy to learn and intuitive. At the same time, emails are adapted to all available display resolutions by default.
  • Preset templates. Automizy provides access to ready-made, optimized letter templates that can be used in their standard design or edited to suit your needs. It is also possible to import emails into HTML.
  • A / B testing. With this tool, you can do split experiments to identify the most effective content and designs to interact with your target audience. Of particular interest to users is the subject line tester.
  • Automatic re-sending. If the user for some reason did not open your letter, you can duplicate it so that the necessary message is conveyed to the recipient.


This toolkit includes:

  • Visual automation designer. The user does not need to master programming skills in order to create marketing scenarios. There is a full-fledged constructor for this, the interface of which is understandable even to inexperienced users.
  • Adding tags. The system makes it possible to categorize users by different interests by adding appropriate tags to contacts. This makes it possible to target the audience as accurately as possible.
  • Conditional automation. You can set special conditions certain automation scripts will run under. The tool significantly reduces the time spent on performing operational tasks.
  • Behavioral tracker. The system lets you track the behavior of each user so that you can more clearly understand the preferences and characteristics of each individual subscriber and identify global patterns for further calibration of the advertising campaign.
  • Personalization and contact management. Automizy-com gives you unlimited options for customizing emails and managing your subscriber list.

Contact list

This category includes:

  • Responsive landing pages and registration forms;
  • Importing contacts using CSV;
  • Segmentation of subscribers and management of contact groups;
  • Creation of separate profiles for each subscriber.


Analytical tools Automizy includes options such as:

  • Basic email conversion rates;
  • Basic analytical data on the advertising campaign;
  • Forms and landing pages analytics;
  • Automation of the statistical data analysis process.


Automizy is a highly integrative platform. You can configure communication with many third-party services, including:

  • Zapier;
  • Unbounce;
  • Wishlist Member;
  • Elementor;
  • Clearout;
  • And many others.

Other functions

Additional Automizy features are also worth mentioning. There are:

  • Unlimited number of admin accounts and subaccounts;
  • Unsubscribe page deep customization;
  • Email settings page;
  • Premium customer support;
  • DKIM authentication.

Tariff plans

As mentioned above, the cost of the Automizy service suite depends on the number of subscribers. In this case, the set of options remains the same regardless of the number of subscribers. Below is the current tariff plans:

  1. Up to 200 contacts ($ 9 per month);
  2. Up to 500 contacts ($ 18 per month);
  3. Up to 1000 contacts ($ 29 per month);
  4. Up to 3000 contacts ($ 49 per month);
  5. Up to 5000 contacts ($ 69 per month);
  6. Up to 8000 contacts ($ 99 per month);
  7. Up to 1000 contacts ($ 119 per month);
  8. Over 1000 contacts (individual tariff).

Affiliate program

The website also provides a profitable referral program that lets you earn money by attracting new customers to the Automizy platform. According to the terms of the affiliate program, in the first month you get 90% commission from each transaction made by referred users and 40% in all subsequent months. Payments are made monthly.


Automizy is a powerful marketing toolkit that makes it possible to create, test and run email campaigns of any size. A democratic pricing policy and flexible tariff plans lets all clients work freely with the platform without restrictions, whether it is a small start-up or a large corporation. Automizy-com also provides powerful analytics tools to help marketers better understand their target audience and adjust their campaigns to maximize response and conversion rates. At the same time, a support service operates on the platform, which is always ready to provide comprehensive assistance to each client, regardless of the tariff plan used.

If you are looking for an opportunity to effectively interact with your customer base via Email, then Automizy will be one of the best places to start. You can spend a couple of minutes right now to register on the platform and take advantage of a free 60-day trial period to make sure that this tool is effective.

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