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Authority Labs is a SEO that was officially launched in 2008. The system is distinguished by the most accurate search results settings, supports all languages ​​and geolocations, making it possible to monitor positions extremely true. At the same time, AuthorityLabs separates the search results by device type (stationary and mobile) for even more detailed SERP analysis.

The platform is registered in the USA. The official website is currently only available in English. At the bottom there are links to official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as an RSS feed.

AuthorityLabs-com is a paid service with 14 days trial. You can pay for a subscription by credit card.


Authority Labs is a powerful and customizable tool. Its main task is to provide the most accurate SEO monitoring. Below are the key platform tools through which a specialist can obtain truly unique data, analyze it, generate reports and share it with team members and clients.

Local positions tracker

AuthorityLabs lets the optimizer monitor SERPs clearly for the selected geolocation down to the city and zip code. This tool, first of all, will be useful for business owners focused on the local consumer. The obtained local tracking data most closely matches the real positions for a specific type of device in a specific geolocation. The optimizer can concentrate efforts on promoting a website in a specific geographic zone.

The AuthorityLabs-com backlink checking system lets you scan a domain in detail for backlinks, identifying all relevant links leading to the site. Using the collected data on the link profile a user can make a decision on the need to further purchase backlinks or correct the link building strategy. It is also possible to detect spam links and send appropriate requests to exclude them from the link profile to Google Search Console.

Keyword clustering

The Keyword Clustering Tool saves the SEO professional tens of hours by automatically grouping targeted queries into categories. The optimizer in a semi-automatic mode can form a full-fledged semantic core with clustering of keys according to the thematic principle. In everyday use the tool is as convenient as possible and practically does not require manual keywords sorting.

SERP monitoring

AuthoritiesLabs is a fast way to track the position of a site for any key request. The strong point of the tool is that a user can set the monitor and track the SERP with any input geolocation data and device type. The system also generates detailed reports that optimizer can share with a team or clients.

Search crawler

The Authorities Labs crawls all pages of the promoted website, tracking errors and dead zones. Thanks to the robot, you can detect and solve all problem areas that negatively affect the promotion. The tool is simple and, in a sense, primitive, but its value for key positions growth is high.

Spying on competitors

This tool lets you identify the weaknesses of competitors and use them to strengthen positions of the promoted site. A strategy in which an SEO specialist calibrates his actions based on the competitors’ strategies, over a long time frame turns out to be more effective than his own site “blind” upgrade.

Scheduled reporting

AuthoritiesLabs automatically configures data exports and presents them in the form of representative reports with graphs and tables. The data is provided in a convenient format and adapted for demonstration to clients. AuthoritiesLabs-com offers flexible customization and data sharing capabilities. Information can be presented both in CSV and as a link to the online report.

There is also a knowledge base with technical advice on optimization for AuthoritiesLabs users. This step-by-step manual will be useful, first of all, for webmasters who are independently engaged in promotion and need up-to-date SEO knowledge. Nevertheless, even experienced SEO-specialists who work for large agencies can always refresh their knowledge with the database on the website.


AuthorityLabs offers 4 paid subscription plans on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 49 per month;
  • Keyword limit: 250;
  • Domains limit: 50;
  • Tracking local positions;
  • Mobile search tracking;
  • Daily data update;
  • Instant reports;
  • Unlimited users.


  • Price: $ 99 per month;
  • Keyword limit: 1000;
  • Domains limit: 100;
  • All options of the previous service suite;
  • White Label (non-branded reports);
  • Integration with Google Data Studio (beta).


  • Price: $ 225 per month;
  • Keyword limit: 2500;
  • Domains limit: 300;
  • All options of the previous service suite.


  • Price: $ 450 per month;
  • Keyword limit: 5000+;
  • Domains limit: none;
  • All options of the previous service suite;
  • Interface API access.

All offered tools can be tested for free for 14 days.


AuthorityLabs is a highly specialized SEO tool that easily tracks keyword rankings with daily updates. The advantage of the service is that an unlimited team of specialists can get access to the account and use available tools. At the same time, the system offers conditionally unlimited capabilities for scaling.

The software product will be of interest to both webmasters who promote their website on their own, and large agencies that promote a large number of projects. The user can cover hundreds of thousands of keywords and domains, getting valuable data and using it to adjust the SEO strategy. At the same time, the pricing is quite democratic, as you could see yourself.

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