Authereum Review

Authereum is a wallet designed from the Ethereum network and it also functions as a means of entering applications built on web 3.0 not minding the type of browser in use.

Before now, the well-known web 3.0 wallets needed some special kinds of web browsers or extensions to successful log in. In the absence of those, another app must be installed to gain entry.

But Authereum takes away all that stress so that one only needs a username and password. This makes it easy for those whose knowledge of computer is little.

Brief history

There are three names that cannot be forgotten for their impact towards the establishment of Authereum on May 15, 2019. They are Miguel Mota, Shane Fontaine, and Chris Whinfrey.

A fundraising campaign targeted at few investors saw it realize $1.1 million in February this year. Those that participated include Synapse Capital and Coinbase Ventures.

Reasons to choose Authereum

It is difficult to find your way into dApps sometimes, even when you have Metamask on ground. Owing to the sophisticated needs for accessing dApps, only some kinds of phones and computers can succeed in getting one there.

Authereum now makes it easier especially for those who are not tech savvy. Now, there is no more need to have another software on your device before you can successfully log in. It is even easy for someone who hears about it for the first time.

The good news is that Authereum’s partnership with Wyre presents an opportunity for those living in the U.S. to use the USD and buy cryptocurrencies, thereby eliminating the need for exchanges to play a role.

Even with these benefits, users’ funds are not subjected to any custodial services. They can use their money anytime as it is always in their wallets.

It is easy to have Authereum added to a new dApp. Developers can achieve this by duplicating some of its code into theirs.

Tokens that work

Authereum works well for assets that are built on Ethereum. It is also guaranteed for non-fungible tokens.

The token you will see first as you log in is Dai. This Dai can be used to pay fees thereby eliminating the need to acquire Ether for gas.

Steps to begin

·         First go to

·         Locate the sign up button

·         Choose your username and proceed

·         The next steps include submitting an email address, deciding on the password to use, and confirming that you have read the terms and conditions.

·         It’s important you use an email address that is accessible because a confirmation link will be sent there.

·         Although you don’t really have to submit an account that can be used to redeem your Authereum should anything happpen, we strongly suggest you don’t skip this step.

·         Finally, you would need to have some cryptocurrencies. You can use DAI if you already have or buy some with the option given to you.

Gaining entry to a dApp from Authereum

There are a few simple steps to take to access a dApp with the help of Authereum. To illustrate, we shall be using Uniswap.

·         Once you are on Uniswap, look for “connect to wallet.”

·         You will see Authereum. Click on it.

·         Next, enter your Authereum username and password and you are already there.

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