Austrian City Shocked over Ransomware Attack

A facility in Weiz that services the public is having bad times since a rannsomware was launched against it.

Netwalker, a malware team, attacked Weiz and got a hold of data from a public service facility. Some of the data they stole were seen on building applications and inspections.

Panda Security made efforts to know how this happened. They discovered that the hackers succeeded by sending phishing emails which got the interest of the villagers because they were related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 made the hackers successful

The hackers sent emails with the subject, “information about the coronavirus,” to employees serving the Weiz’s community. As soon as they clicked on links that had this subject, the ransomware was launched on their device.

Panda Security said the ransomware is a new one that needs VBScripts to be applied. If the application succeeds, every connection to the Windows network on the device becomes compromised.

As soon as this happens, Windows services shuts down, the device’s disks get a new file encryption and backups are destroyed.

A business hub in Austria

Weiz, though small, is one of the most industrialized places in Austria. It is well known in the Oststeiermark region, which is not very far away from Graz city.

Some of the companies that can be found there are the popular Magna, Strobl Construction and Lieb-Bau-Weiz. This shows that the attack was not meant for the entire village but had a specific target.

This is not the first attack launched by Netwalker Group. They have also succeeded in hacking many health institutions around the world.

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