Augur (REP) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The creators of the project are Joey Krug and Jack Peterson (professional programmers). The project was launched in 2015.

Augur is a decentralized open-source forecasting platform that is fully controlled by anonymous participants, and which was created on the Ethereum blockchain basis. Users can earn money by making predictions with two possible outcomes. Augur, unlike conventional betting firms, does not generate odds and works exclusively as an intermediary between users who have made a bet.

The platform selects the most interesting type of forecast or creates a topic that can be any fact and have universal confirmation (sports, political or financial events, and other real-life events). Then bets are placed on BTC and ETH, and the event is confirmed by the REP (arbitrators) holders. You can leave the dispute at any time or change your position before closing. According to the results of the general voting, the winning result is determined then. The arbitrators earn a small fee due to this. Bettors who made the right choice are rewarded with the nominal value of the stake.

REP is the company’s digital token (ERC20 standard), which is used as a promotion and serves for placing bets. Mining is not possible here. You can only purchase it on the exchange (including for fiat money) or exchange it, work as an arbitrator. The token issue is limited.

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