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Alexa Traffic Rank: 0 Profit is a company created by financial experts and people who deal with cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Based on the experience we have gained while working in other companies, we can now provide you a program with three investment plans that will allow you to earn money every day. Our activities are based on professional market analysis and proven investment signals.

Welcome to the official website of Jet Balance investment project. Money should work for its owner rather than lose its value lying idle on the shelf! For this very reason, we have developed this investment platform, where everyone can easily, securely, without any efforts and special knowledge accumulate funds.

Jet Balance is an unique online project for those, who intend to accumulate their funds within a short time. We offer reliability, security, comfort and high return to our investors, who have decided to gain financial independence. Our team of professionals with a vast experience in the field of investments, law, economy and finance has developed a system, where all participants will gain high interest on their deposits. Your rate of return depends only on your efforts.
Jet Balance: We make your money work!


Jet Balance project marketing is a reliable system operating as a moneybox, which guarantees you a stable and high return. Our team has developed a program enabling each participant to earn 4 to 5.5% for 24 hours.
Jet Balance project provides 4 plans.

  • Start 1% – every week.

For example, you have selected the Start plan and deposited USD 100 at 1% per week.
After 1 week your deposit will grow by $1. In Jet balance project profit is accrued every hour, thus your $1 are divided into 24 parts, which you may withdraw every hour after accrual of interest. The project provides automatic reinvestment, therefore the next 24 hours profit will be accrued on $104, i.e. the next day your profit will be $108.16, etc.

A deposit has an indefinite life and can grow until you withdraw it from the system.

Funds may be withdrawn upon expiration of 1 week after the deposit was made.


  • More than 150 ways to top up your account;
  • 24/7 available Service Desk;
  • Bonuses to active participants;
  • Use of all the required security and encryption protocols;

Astilba: high-yield guaranteed investments

Money should work for the owner rather than lose its value lying idle on the shelf! We understand the idea, as well as you do. For this very reason, we have developed a platform where everyone can easily and, what is important, securely accumulate funds. With our help, your savings will generate steady profits, enabling you to enhance the investment activities, start a new, serious business, and probably not the only one. Astilba offers you to make a profitable – in every sense of the word – investment of the funds not immediately required and guarantees high rate of return to each of them and full transparency of transactions!

Doing business with Astilba is safe, convenient and profitable

While you are fruitlessly trying to find an area for investment, the owners of hundreds of potentially yielding investment platforms waste their efforts, time and nervous energy exactly in the same way, searching for investors. This happens as a result of information vacuum and caution. Confidence is an important aspect in this business – a rational entrepreneur will avoid the risk of signing a contract without extra guarantees. The situation drastically changes, if your investment activities are controlled by a reputable expert company. We offer this particular opportunity — Astilba will become a legal and financial buffer for your investment! We provide:

  • Investment platform, with the yield acknowledged by independent experts;
  • Assistance rendered by a team of experts experienced in the field of investments, legal matters, economics and finance;
  • Guarantees of investment profitability and high rates of return on the funds.

Your money will start making profit!

To achieve this goal, you need to make only one right decision and the investments will start working according to the clearly defined marketing plan. You can join the high-yield business even today. Review the information available at our site about our investment platform and prospects for its further development during the project life cycle and then make the right decision!

Min/Max Deposit 10 $ – 199 $
Minimum withdraw 1 $

Investment’s plan:
1% weekly for 20 weeks

Referral Commission : 4%-1%

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