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About Asmbler / ASM

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Asmbler is an intelligent one-stop-shop solution that dramatically lowers the entry barriers to the cryptocurrency-market, its built upon three synergic and interconnected services that provide a holistic solution. Our solution consists of an optimized portfolio management, a decentralized mutual insurance and a liquidation pool.

Token Info
TokenAsmbler / ASM
Tokens for Sale420,000,000
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Price in ICOUnknown
Distributed in ICO70%

Timeline / Roadmap

2017 Q1

Concept Formulation.

2017 Q2


2017 Q3

Validating Solution.

2017 Q3

Team Formulation.

2017 Q3 - Q4

Engines Are Fired Up.

2018 Q1

POC Development.

2018 Q2

Finalizing Infrastructure Setup.

2018 Q2.1

First Contact.

2018 Q2.1

Full Throttle Ahead.

2018 Q2.3

Main Token Sale Event.

2018 Q2

Official Development Begins.

2018 Q4

Asmbler MVP Launch.

2019 Q1

Asmbler Beta.

Team Members

Team Members
Michael Livshits
Team Members
Lior Rokach
Team Members
Omri Zamir
Team Members
Yuval Shahar
Co-Founder, Advisory board
Team Members
Avi Deri
Community Manager
Team Members
Daniel Svartman
Security Consultant
Team Members
Gil Tahan
Advisory Board Member

About Asmbler

The Asmbler platform is an intelligent one stop shop that addresses these issues, dramatically lowering the barriers to entry associated with the crypto market and facilitating a successful and safer investment environment. Asmbler introduces Community Driven Financial Services and an associated cryptocurrency, the ASM token, to provide three synergic and interconnected services that constitute a holistic approach.

Optimized portfolio management – Asmbler provides traders with advanced analytical and decision support tools to support successful investments. At the same time, it enables non-professional users to easily invest in digital assets by following portfolios managed by talented traders or by using our machine learning (ML) based component, MLVisor. Thus, the platform enables users to benefit from many skilled traders and automated resources dynamically. In addition to analytical support, the platform’s portfolio managers can also earn commissions based on the volume of their followers’ transactions over time. The combination of those benefits, enables Asmbler to open the cryptocurrency market to the masses – no background knowledge or time investment are required.

The Asmbler platform incorporates the MLVisor component to take portfolio management optimization to the next level. MLVisor automatically identifies leading portfolio managers through its innovative assessment measure, which includes a trader-specific simulation algorithm, and optimizes the distribution of funds among the leading managers.

Asmbler separates the direct relationship between portfolio managers and investors. By doing so, it provides multiple benefits, minimizing the portfolio’s value volatility, improving portfolio management over time, and creates a stress-free environment for portfolio managers.

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