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Alexa Traffic Rank: 0 Review – Asicpower is a bitcoin cloud mining. They offer SHA256 ASIC miner with built in PSU and copper heat-sink cooling system delivering 94TH/s on just 2860W (30J/TH/s). Asicpower has a TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT! SUBSCRIBE NOW and GET PAID TOMORROW.

Their popular cloud mining are offered in 3 length of time and give you the option for testing mining without buying a machine.

The rules are very simple: You pay the cost and keep the mining reward.
– 1 day mining daily cost: 0.00150000 BTC
– 7 days mining plan daily cost:  0.00137140 BTC
– 30 days mining plan daily cost:  0.00113000 BTC

Since rent out their own machines all are running 94TH/s, earnings are the same per day on any subscription plan. The difference lay in the subscription price whenever you buy daily, weekly or monthly plans you pay less the longer subscription you chose thereby have a larger turnover.

Subscription packet price
– 1 day mining daily cost: 0.00150000 BTC
– 7 days mining plan daily cost:  0.00960000 BTC
– 30 days mining plan daily cost:  0.03390000 BTC

Q: What payment method can I use?
A: Since all our customers are involved in Bitcoin mining, we are offering Bitcoin deposit and cashout on an automated process to make it easier for you and save both parts cost in valuta exchanges, fees and banking costs. Our deposit system is fully automated registering and confirming your purchase.

Q: What subscription plans are there?
A: We have mining subscription plans duration on 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. 

Q: Why do I have to pay subscription price?
A: The subscription price covers the cost running the server, aircon cooling, location, staff, maintenance and many more. This price will be adjusted on weekly basic when needed why your subscription price may change next time you want to subscribe.

Q: Why can I only have one 1 day/1 week subscription?
A: This service is for testing purpose. You do not need to test several times on small time subscriptions. If you want to take us upon our offer of 12 month subscription to get a powerASIC miner then this is possible and with multiple subscriptions at the same time.

Q: How do I get my mining reward?
A: Your mining reward are credited your Bitcoin balance everytime reward are received. As there are no specific rules and a bit of good luck involved in getting mining reward you will find the reward credited over several times during a day. 

Q: How long time to receive my payment?
A: Payment of reward you can cashout one time per day from balance any time this reach minimum of 0.00001BTC. Payments are instant paid to your Bitcoin address soon request are made.

Q: Do you offer any affiliate program?
A: Subscription plans offer a 5% commission affiliate program paid instant to your balance when your referral subscribe to a plan. You do not need to have a subscription yourself to promote our service and earn your commission.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @powerasic
Twitter: @asic_power
Telegram: @powerasic
Office Add: 90 Fetter Lane, London England, EC4A 1EN

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