Asch (XAS) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


Asch was founded in 2017 in China, and the XAS coin is traded only there, which means that the platform is oriented to Chinese users only.

Asch is an open-source blockchain platform for creating dapps applications that can later be placed in an online store for download by ordinary users.

The main task of developers is to make it easier for creators to work by offering a JavaScript programming language and a database management system for saving information about money transactions. For the effective development of the platform, the creators provide a wide range of tools and opportunities for developers who want to implement their ideas in blockchain technology.

The creators are careful about the network zooming as it is considered one of the main problems of lots of developments. Asch supports a distributed network with integrated blockchain technology, each of which serves at the right level for the developer. Blockchains are connected in the main blockchain, which provides security. Using side chains, participants can create scalable applications, digital assets, etc.

The project does not focus on specific activities, such as finance and documentation, but also offers several individual APIs, combining and using them to develop all types of applications.

XAS is a coin that is designed to access the tools and functionality. Traditional mining is not possible here.

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