Artist Sells His “I Can’t Breathe” Song at Auction for Cryptocurrency

A song writer and musician has sold his song titled “I Can’t Breathe” on a social media that supports crypto. The art piece was sold at auction.

Osinachi, a Nigerian crypto artist of the Igbo tribe, has given away his latest song which he called “I Can’t Breathe” to the highest bidder on blockchain-supported social network site called SuperRare. This happened on May 31 and it was sold for 7 ETH.

The money is for a purpose

Osinachi’s song centers on violence. He picked interest in a chaos that happened in Mediapolis, America. It took less than six hours to find a buyer for the song at an auction. Osinachi said: “Part of the proceeds from this NFT will go to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Osinachi holds the record of being the first Nigerian to take part in the Ethereal Summit. His first appearance was in 2018. In 2019, his performance also got him shortlisted for an award from Bridgeman Studio.

Osinachi’s achievements have driven home the point that crypto art is a gainful business just like trading crypto coins and tokens.

SuperRare is supported by Ethereum

SuperRare has a host of songs which are composed by members of the site. Once registered, Ethereum begins investigation on the history and true ownership of the song.

Osinachi’s “I can’t breathe” was converted into a token as a non-fungible ERC-721 token. This made the art piece qualify for sales or long term investment asset. Every artist on the SuerRare website actually has the same right to either sell their work for a fee or give it up for auction.

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