Aquatank price, graphics, market capitalization


Brand new cryptocurrency presell has started, and everyone that participates, will get free NFT token available for staking, holders get lifetime passive income. Aquatank price per coin was $0.00005685 first day. This cryptocurrency got fancy looking NFT with ocean thematic. Every participator will get exclusive Island NFT, equal to 100,000 aquatokens.

3 main types of NFTs available for purchase:

• Fish NFT

• Turtle NFT

• Octopus NFT

Each NFT is limited, and have total amount of 2,000 units per category. Website provides the marketplace, for trading NFTs.

Aquatank crypto allows users to make passive income, but their main goal is to protect the environment, the marine life. Project has its referral program, make sure you invite your friends. First thing you’re going to do, is participating in fair launch and receive your free Island NFT. You will be able to mint it, as your crypto address is now whitelisted. They added the rarity system for each NFT unit, like common, rare etc. Each NFT has its own aquatank token price.

Aquatank crypto is available for trading on cryptocurrency pre-sale, while the token will have the real utility, become popular, it will take some time. Since the main goal of aquatank is to protect the marine life, it will be more popular than other tokens, and that’s why aquatank will be popular.

Currently, Aquatank still got work in progress, a lot of new features coming soon, including game mode, some sort of PVP with other crypto-holders, so its basically multiverse gaming.

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