AppCoins (APPC) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in 2018. Aptoide, the largest trading platform that develops Android apps, is working on creating the project.

AppCoins is a decentralized platform for mobile applications based on the Ethereum blockchain.

First of all, developers aim to solve several problems, among which are: advertising inefficiency, impossibility to make purchases, presence of mediation, which implies an increase in the total cost, and lack of transparency.

To overcome these challenges, AppCoins uses blockchain technology and smart contracts that control the transparency of financial relations within the network.

In the end, third-party developers have access to a user-friendly, efficient and profitable process for tokenizing their own products by implementing an individual marketing campaign. At that, consumers get access to a secure, low-cost system with quality applications.

APPC is a digital token of the ERC20 standard, which is used as the main tool with which you pay for advertising and internal purchases. The APPC token is also used as a tool to reward users who install or use sponsored developments. One can use the resulting currency to pay for the purchase of products created in the market.


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