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Apexdoge.club offers 100% profit as minimal profit for investment.

Plans: 100% profit

Minimum Deposit: 100 Doge

Referral Commission: 10%

Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin

This is what it says on Apexdoge.club website:
Purchase a ticket and take your place in the end of the line. The funds spent for the ticket are distributed among the first four users in the queue in equal shares (20% for each user). The remaining 20% is shared between your upline and reserve fund (10% for upline and 5% for reserve fund), and 5% is a project’s fees. Each ticket purchased after yours will move you four positions forward. Once you get paid for your turn, you’ll be again returned at the end of the line. After you get 100% profit you will be excluded the queue until you buy a new ticket. This structure provides high stability of the project, the rapid movement of the queue and a guaranteed profit. Also for the balanced operation of the system we have limited the number of possible ticket purchases for all queues. This system will avoid long queues since each user will gradually move to higher rates freeing up space for new users.

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