Apex (CPX) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


Apex team announced that APEX Network and Red Pulse Phoenix are merging, to become Phoenix Global.

The startup was launched in 2018. The Chinapex company, which is located in Shanghai, worked on its creation. Jimmy Hu is the founder and chief executive officer.

Apex is a blockchain platform that operates as a decentralized exchange that allows participants to have the most secure ownership rights on electronic assets.

The key feature of Apex is that the project is based on the NEO blockchain, which provides the confidentiality and reliability of the system, as well as a high level of zooming. Besides, all transactions are controlled by smart contracts.

The main goal of developers is to implement an infrastructure that can be used to exchange data and values between consumers and brands without the involvement of third parties, which will help overcome the problem of confidential information disclosure. In the end, businesses will receive high-quality and reliable data, and users will be rewarded when their materials are used.

The platform is based on the CPX digital token, which provides full access to a wide range of tools. For storing internal tokens, a specially designed wallet, due to which you can control the turnover of funds and make all financial transactions with CPX, is provided.

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