An Airline in Bulgaria Is Paying Bitcoin for Delayed Flights

Payments in crypto will now be paid with the Colibra app to anyone who was delayed for a flight in Bulgaria, no matter the reason.

An airline in Bulgaria has unavoidably seen reasons to cancel flights or delay passengers due to the corona virus pandemic. When this happens, it feels the need to apologize to them by giving back some Bitcoins if they can accept it.

Payment of BTC with the Colibra app is available for those who have been delayed for at least one hour. The airline, which is quite a new one having started in June last year, has been doing this in fiat currency but it now wants to offer affected passengers an option of crypto payment.

Since BTC price is not steady, passengers can choose if it should be paid to them with the price it was the day the flight was booked or when they departed.

Colibra confirmed that it was ready to agree with the terms of paying for delayed flights up to 1 hour or more no matter the reason from the Bulgarian airline.

Three hours has been the norm

Passengers in the EU are paid compensation if their flights are delayed for at least three hours by the company. Therefore, with the Bulgarian startup, passengers who have been delayed for three hours fill the form and the funds released are shared by those who were forced to stay back for over one hour. The company believes that the probability that a person will be delayed by up to 90 minutes is much more than a 3-hour delay so to make everyone happy, it stuck to the plan.

The same thing is now applicable in France. Passengers are catered for by AXA insurance company if they are kept waiting for more than two hours.

But with the onset of corona virus, fewer people have shown interest in flying. On Aug 10, the number of booked flights around the world fell by 47.9% according to data from OAG. The number of people that booked to leave Hong Kong and Singapore also fell by 91%.

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