All Sports (SOC) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was launched in 2018. A lot of companies and investors are already interested in the project and offer their support.

All Sports is an open-source public blockchain platform designed for optimizing the sports industry. The company actively promotes its development in popular social networks, implementing user engagement through public platforms. The platform offers online applications for personal computers and any mobile devices.

The creators aim to create a decentralized, global, sports ecosystem for the interaction of participants (fans, athletes, sports federations, teams, leagues, and other interested individuals). They also want to help developers create applications and monetize resources by providing a range of interface protocols for transactions. All Sports is focused on the global online market and aims to create a network of forecasting systems. Transactions are conducted here as quickly, securely, and publicly as possible.

SOC token (ERC20 standard) with digital encryption is considered the main tool on the platform. With the SOC token, holders can pay for articles in thematic sources, mobile apps, etc. Traditional mining is not provided.

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