AlienWorlds: review game and token TLM, advantages and disadvantages


AlienWorlds is a fast growing blockchain game. In the ecosystem you can mine the in-game token TLM and trade various NFTs. Some users manage to earn up to thousands dollars a month.
Let’s take a closer look at how dAPP works, what its unique features are, how people can make money playing the game and whether it has a future as a startup in general.

Unique metaverse

Alien Worlds is a metaverse. Each user can mine the in game TLM currency and trade various NFTs. Trading process can be interrupted by completing quests, fighting other members or managing the project.
Today AlienWorlds is the only blockchain game that runs on Ethereum,  Binance Smart Chain and WAX simultaneously. TLM tokens are available on all of these three networks, although all settlement and game maintenance takes place through WAX.

About the game

Alien Worlds is being developed by Dacoco. This German team specializes in DAOsand also known as the developer of EOS and the Liberland blockchain experiment.
AlienWorlds as a startup launched in December 2020, becoming the biggest blockchain game.
According to the plot, in 2055 people got a message from aliens. They shared the secret of moving in space through wormholes. Thus, new planets were opened for mankind, and brave adventurers rushed into space for the unique Trillium mineral, which is the in-game TLM token.
Alien Worlds users explore other worlds by collaborating and competing with each other for land and resources, mining TLM and receiving in-game NFTs. Each planet is build as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that gets TLM every day according to the terms of smart contracts.
Trillium is needed as a resource to control the planets. At the same time, TLM and NFT can be sold on the secondary market.

TLM Token

TLM is the AlienWorlds in-game token that gives an opportunity:

  • to participate in DAO of any planet;
  • to buy in-game items;
  • to complete quests;
  • to earn interest.

The maximum issue of TLM is 10 billion coins, but today there are about 900 million tokens in circulation.

TLM mining looks like a game. The profitability of mining depends on three factors:

  • the wealth of the land on which the player mines;
  • the commission of the land owner for mining;
  • the equipment used, which can be improved for the mined tokens.

Users can earn by placing tokens directly on the account of the selected planet or by joining pools. The important thing is that the game does not provide for a minimum stack, and you can withdraw tokens at any time.

Game prospects

At the moment the Alien Worlds metaverse is actively developing. After the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement with Binance, the TLM token sale was held, and the Binance planet appeared in the metaverse. The TOP-1 exchange gives an additional impetus to the game’s popularization, and today the prospects for this NFT game are amazing.
The creators are highly motivated to further develop the project. The key point is that the game is financially interesting for players, providing an opportunity for earning and investing. At the same time, the starting capital here, unlike the equally popular NFT game Axie Infinity, is minimal.
However, it is worth remembering that the hype around the game can quickly disapear, and success can be short-lived. Today, new launches take place on the blockchain games market every day. Therefore, if the creators do not engage in intensive development of the project, the game may soon be unclaimed. But at the moment, everything is exactly the opposite.

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