AirDAO (Ambrosus AMB) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The AirDAO (Ambrosus) project was developed by a Swiss team of professionals in 2017.

AirDAO is a decentralized blockchain platform focused on vital areas such as pharmaceuticals and food.

The developers aim to drastically change consumer chains, as well as create a global ecosystem in which you can keep records of the origin of goods so that consumers can track the exact information of a particular product, which will solve some problems with low-quality products.

For reliable and efficient operation of the platform, the company offers:

  1. their own the digital token AMB.
  2. secure storage. Product certificates are recorded in the blockchain network, which is highly protected from intrusion, fraud, and hacker attacks. It is also impossible for anyone to delete or correct digital certificates.
  3. a protocol that is required by the consumer chain for reliable quality control.
  4. sensor system for tracking in a real-time mode, with the help of ID, a combination of markers, biosensors, and labels.
  5. a wide range of tools for developers who can run their applications.

AMB is an internal token created on the basis of Ethereum blockchain that is intended as a means of payment between platform participants.

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