Aion (AION) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The protocol was developed by Nuco in 2017, under the tenure of Matthew Spoke.

Aion is a third-generation platform, where the first one, according to developers, is considered Bitcoin and other similar currencies, and the second one is Ethereum and its smart contracts.

The main goal of creating a blockchain system is to solve the issue of zooming, privacy, and functionality in blockchain networks for chain interaction.

A multistaged network allows private or public enterprises to exchange values and information between different blockchains and the Ethereum platform. It also provides fast processing of financial transactions, an increased volume of blocks, and the ability to generate new ones. Users can participate in various parts of the project. It is subject to money transfers checks, unique application deployment, maintenance of bridges between blockchains. Aion uses POS. With the help of the token, holders can make decisions on the further development of the network by voting and then receive their share for transaction fees.

The AION token ensures the work of the entire system. It is required when creating new blockchains. AION is an interlink of the mechanism that establishes a link between blockchain chains. One cannot purchase it using fiat money. To do this, you must first buy BTC or ETH. Mining is still possible through Ethereum tokens.

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