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Affiliate2Day gives online publishers, social media marketers, bloggers, as well as site and forum operators the opportunity to earn an income by promoting the 2Day online dating services.

Three affiliate programs, as well as a referral program, make it easy to choose the most suitable business model.

With Pay per Lead, you can earn between $2.5 and $8 per lead, and the program is suitable for those who’re confident that their conversion rate will not drop below 2% per month.

Pay per Sale program earns you 25% on each sale made by your referrals and is perhaps the best approach for those who don’t mind a lower but steady income.

Addressed to those who want to earn money fast, the Pay per First Sale program gives affiliates the possibility to earn between $150 and $300 per referral, depending on how many leads turn into clients in each given month.

Regardless of the program you choose, each affiliate will benefit from quick online support, guidance from a dedicated affiliate manager, and access to a vast base of promotional material developed to help you grow your business. Commission fees are paid monthly, and you’ll have unlimited earning potential

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