aelf (ELF) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The developers’ team consists of 4 Chinese experts in the field of cryptography and IT technologies (Fu Li, Yang Yalong, Cheng Zhuling and Ma Haobo).

Aelf is a self-developing third-generation cloud computing platform that can connect decentralized applications in one place. Aelf interacts with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms.
The creators aim to implement Blockchain technology in the commercial sphere (the financial field, digital identification, insurance, etc). They also strive to create an operational system for various blockchains and combine the advantages of different currencies. For this purpose, a highly efficient multi-purpose parallel processing system is provided, rather than sequential processing. To ensure high performance, all nodes use cloud servers, and smart contracts use a separate block chain with their mechanism. The network can work on several tasks of any type at once, using several levels of sidechains that are the basis of the platform. Their number is unlimited.

The ELF token is used to pay for smart contracts, change, and upgrade the platform. ELF holders can accept changes, updates, and implement new tools by voting and reaching a consensus.

The token can be purchased for the popular USDT, BTC, and ETH. Mining is not provided.

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