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Advanced Web Ranking is a professional SEO tool. Its main function is to track the  promoted website positions by target keywords in the SERP. Advanced Web Ranking offers users informative reports and detailed analytics, which helps you not only monitor the dynamics of your website, but also analyze competitors.

The service was launched back in 2002, when only a few companies and webmasters were engaged in SEO. So Advanced Web Ranking is rightfully considered one of the oldest ranking tracking tools. Unfortunately, the system has limited functionality and cannot offer users the entire range of SEO tools. However, according to many experts, in SERP tracking the advancedwebranking-com is one of the best deals on the market.

The platform provides its services on a paid basis. You can pay for a subscription by credit card. Also it’s possible to take advantage of a free trial period in order to evaluate all the features of Advanced Web Ranking.

SERP tracking

The developers of Advanced Web Ranking have created a really effective system for tracking site positions by keywords. Due to the fact that the AWR robots imitate humans in the search engine interface as naturally as possible, they manage to take accurate positions. At the same time, the data is updated every 24 hours, so that the user always has up-to-date information.

Advanced Web Ranking is especially useful for promoting projects where it is extremely important to systematically track positions. First of all, this concerns SEO specialists who experiment with key queries and monitor the reaction of the search engine to the slightest change on the promoted webpages. Depending on the settings, Advanced Web Ranking can track positions every day, week or month.

The system provides the most detailed SERP monitoring. A useful option is tracking of TOP-100 search results. This is especially important for start-up projects with minimal organic traffic, where any positive dynamics in distant positions is important for checking. Information about progress on 6-10 pages of Google and other search engines will help to identify the potential for promoting a particular page.

Working interface

One of the strengths of Advanced Web Ranking is the interface that is as easy to use and learn as possible. Everything here is ergonomic and understandable even for a novice optimizer. The system lets both professionals who promote client projects and webmasters who optimize on their own to work with the tools.

A separate plus of Advanced Web Ranking is its responsive design, which makes it convenient to work on absolutely any device. You don’t have to sit at a desktop computer to keep your finger on the pulse of your project. Advancedwebranking-com is perfectly displayed on mobile devices, making it possible to watch the data from anywhere in the world without being tied to a workplace. At the same time, the speed of the service is high on any device. All indicators are displayed without delay and in full.

Many users note another seemingly insignificant feature of the service. We talk about large and convenient buttons. When working via mobile devices, this really matters, as it facilitates the process of monitoring positions.

Ranking monitoring

Tracking the SERP is the main function of Advanced Web Ranking. At first glance, the tool doesn’t offer anything special. Key indicators are just SERP rankings and search keywords volume. Nevertheless, Advanced Web Ranking has one important advantage, namely, the extreme accuracy of the results. While competitors often give approximate data on positions, the Advanced Web Ranking demonstrates the maximum accuracy, which is easily confirmed by manual checking.

SERP tracking can be done on a wide variety of search engines, including YouTube, Amazon UK, Yahoo, AOL, Google Play, MyWebSearch and many others. In this sense, AWR is truly irreplaceable, as most competitors tend to be limited to Google, Yandex, Baidu, and Bing. An important option is tracking the visibility of a keyword with zip code accuracy, which is important for local business projects.

Advanced Web Ranking also lets you track keywords for which Google does not offer a featured snippet (the so-called zero SERP). If the site is in high positions, then by adjusting the website page accordingly, the optimizer significantly increases its chances of getting to the zero position.


Concise and representative reports are the strength of Advanced Web Ranking. A user has access to such data as:

  1. Total and organic traffic;
  2. CTR by device;
  3. Keyword performance ranking.

This data lets the optimizer better understand the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. An additional source of information is a toolbar with flexible reports customization. Any report can be easily shared among the team of specialists using a link. Also, Advanced Web Ranking makes it possible to brand the report, which is important for SEO agencies working with large customers.

Such an option as integration with Google Analytics, Adwords and Search Console significantly expands the capabilities of the system. It makes it possible to extract additional information and concretize the obtained analytical data.


Advanced Web Ranking offers 4 paid plans to users on the following terms.


  • Price: 49 USD per month;
  • Updates limit: 2000 words per week or 286 words per day;
  • Local and mobile positions monitoring;
  • Flexible update;
  • SERP features;
  • Competitors’ insights;
  • Integration with Google services;
  • Keywords difficulty indicator;
  • WYSISYG white-label reports;
  • Unlimited reports and users.


  • Price: 99 USD per month;
  • All STARTER options;
  • Updates limit: 7000 words per week or 1000 words per day;
  • Competitors discovery;
  • Market share.


  • Price: 199 USD per month;
  • All PRO options;
  • Updates limit: 14500 words per week or 2070 words per day;
  • Local keyword search volumes;
  • Historical ranking imports;
  • Data studio connector;
  • Hourly data update;
  • Developer API.


  • Price: from 399 USD per month;
  • All AGENCY options;
  • Updates limit: 35,500 words per week or 5070 words per day;
  • CSV export to FTP;
  • Personal account manager;
  • Data migration assistance;
  • Priority support.

You can pay for a subscription for a month or a year. When paying annually you save 10%.


Advanced Web Ranking is a highly specialized SEO tool, the main function of which is to monitor positions in the SERP. The developers focused on this function and brought it to perfection, offering users one of the most accurate and convenient position tracking tools. At the same time, the pricing policy is very democratic, and any SEO specialist or webmaster can afford to subscribe to a basic service suite. At the same time, you can test Advanced Web Ranking for free right now by signing up for advancedwebranking-com.

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