adToken (ADT) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in 2017. A team of developers, including Ken Brook, Kristen Hester, Miguel Mota, Edwin Cheung, and other specialists was working on its creation.

AdToken is a decentralized blockchain platform based on Ethereum, which is focused on Internet advertising. Full decentralization helps eliminate the influence of centralized intermediaries.
The main goal of developers is to eliminate fraud problems in online advertising.

To complete the set task, the project uses AI (artificial intelligent), which allows you to eliminate bot traffic and reduce the risks of fraud, helping to identify fake domains.

Since the system is fully based on the Ethereum blockchain, easy integration of electronic advertising into previously existing RTB software solutions and applications is provided.

AdToken is based on the ERC20 digital ADT token, which is used as a unit of account. Holders of internal tokens can use it to pay for advertising services, as well as take part in voting for or against publishers. ADT mining is available if you have a powerful processor and video adapter.

For more secure storage of currency, it is better to use a wallet presented by the Ethereum platform.

The total issue volume is limited and amounts to 1 billion tokens.

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