Achain (ACT) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


Achain was developed in 2017 by Tony Cui’s team, consisting of 17 people. This project is implemented in the field of business and document management.

Achain is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform designed to quickly implement assets, smart contracts, and other applications within the network. The operation principle is similar to Ethereum since they are considered public blockchains that are able to perform the same actions. However, Ethereum supports hybrid POW and POS consensus, whereas Achain uses the original RDPOS, providing transaction verification flexibility.

With the help of the platform, developers can easily deploy smart contracts and launch digital assets, tools, and applications in the field of copyright protection. The developers note the complexity of using some blockchains, so they try to create a platform that would be more accessible and easy-to-use. The high system performance allows processing 1000 transactions per second. The platform has a modular system that allows developers to work on several projects at once, which increases efficiency by times.

The ACT is a coin through which all transactions, including payment of commissions, are conducted. Besides, it also provides access to a wide range of tools. The cost of an ACT depends directly on the number of transactions in the network.

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